Certified Threat CounterIntelligence Analyst
Cyber CounterIntelligence Tradecraft

This course presents the student with foundational concepts and processes in the discipline of cyber counterintelligence with a focus on cyber counterintelligence missions, defensive counterintelligence, offensive counterintelligence, and counterespionage as these realms apply to traditional tradecraft, and how they are or will evolve into the cyber domain. The course includes a very different approach to counterintelligence using models exhibited online over the past few years to steer the conversation to the desired outcome.

Cyber Infiltration
Information Operations
Standard Glossary and Taxonomy
Mission-Based Counterintelligence
Counter Collection and Anticipation
Denial and Deception
Counter-Denial and Deception
Open Source Intelligence in Deception Operations
VPNs and Burn Phones (US Only)
Methods of Social Media Research
Social media demographics
Cyber Target Acquisition and Exploitation
Identify Active Adversary Campaigns
Intent, Motivation, Goals, & Requirements
Passive data collection
Campaign development
Vectors of approach
Courses of action
Elicitation and exfiltration
Memetic Engineering
Content Creation
Propaganda and Fallacies
Media Manipulation
Charts, Graphs, Generators
Deception Planning
Deception Chain
Types of Denial and Deception
D&D Usage
Perception as Deception
Avoid and Deny
Shifting the Conversation
Forum Manipulation - COINTELPRO
Social Psychology
Differences in Culture/Diversity
Hofstede Dimensions
Reciprocity and Consistency
Social validation
Liking, Authority, and Scarcity
Rules of Disinformation
Information Warfare
Operational Security
Cyber Psychological Operations
Target analysis and manipulation
Authoring of blogs and articles for influencing
Placement of specific concepts and phrases
Cyber Persona Layer
Cyber Persona Development and Maintenance
Character archetypes
Establish the storyline
Establish the plot synopsis
Story weaving and management
Target profiles – dossiers
Target gap analysis
Clandestine Collection Operation
Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
CI Insider Threat, Investigations
Guide to Underhanded Tactics
Rules for Radicals
Case Studies
Team Presentations

Lecture, Hands-on, Apprenticeship, in class exercises, student presentations, templates, course material—32 CPEs 4.5-days

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