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"In the complex maze of cyber warfare, the interplay of cyber operations, psychological operations, and cognitive strategies defines the mastery of this dominion. The triad is both the armor and arsenal in our cyber defenses, crafting a fabric of resilience intertwined with strategic deception. Within this expanse, each byte and message carries the weight of war, with the most potent weapon being the wisdom to influence, not merely infiltrate. You must have skills in the artful manipulation of perceptions and the conversion of strengths into vulnerabilities that fortify our defenses against these invisible onslaughts."

Chinese, Russian, and Iranian Cyber Operations, Cognitive Warfare, APTs, and STEMPLES Plus Analysis Training

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    Why Treadstone 71!

    Treadstone 71 is a cyber intelligence company that provides training, consulting, and content to help organizations protect themselves from cyber threats. Intelligence professionals consider Treadstone 71 as one of the first and best cyber intelligence companies in the world:

    • Expertise: Treadstone 71’s intelligence professionals have a deep understanding of the cyber threat landscape. They have a proven track record of helping organizations protect themselves from cyber-attacks.
    • Training: Treadstone 71 offers a variety of training courses that cover all aspects of cyber intelligence, from threat analysis to incident response. Their training is highly practical and pragmatic while being innovative. The courses are hands-on, and designed to help organizations build the skills they need to estimate adversary actions while protecting themselves from cyber threats.
    • Consulting: Treadstone 71 offers consulting services to help organizations assess their cyber risk and develop a plan to mitigate those risks. Their consultants have a deep understanding of the cyber threat landscape, and they can help organizations implement the right security controls to protect themselves.
    • Content: Treadstone 71 publishes a variety of content, including blog posts, white papers, and webinars, which covers all aspects of cyber intelligence. Treadstone 71 content helps organizations stay up to date on the latest cyber threats and learn how to protect themselves.

    In addition to these factors, Treadstone 71 is also known for its commitment to quality and customer service. They are constantly investing in their training programs and consulting services to ensure that they are providing the best possible value to their clients.

    As a result of these factors, the industry considers Treadstone 71 one of the best cyber intelligence companies in the world. They are a trusted advisor to organizations of all sizes, and they are committed to helping them protect themselves from cyber threats.

    Reduce Risk Reduce Costs Build an Effective Team

    If you really want to enhance your cyber intelligence beyond mere cyber hygiene, free yourselves from useless threat intelligence feeds, and significantly reduce your risk, collection times, and data validation efforts, then Treadstone 71 intelligence training is for you. Should you wish to continue to perform cyber hygiene activities while pouring your hard earned budget into $8k technical classes that bear little fruit, then do not take our courses. If you want to take your team to the next level of expertise in cyber intelligence, while weaning yourself off of someone elses high-priced generic data and information, then look to Treadstone 71.

    Students will use virtual machines, download, and install ChatGPT, training the AI module on their data stores, and incorporate updated content during hands-on course case studies.

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    Why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a vendors ChatGPT install over their controlled data that is not geared to you? We take you through the installation and use AI tools preparing you configure and training ChatGPT tools over your hard currated data. Stop paying someone else for what you can do.

    Who benefits from Treadstone 71 Training and Services?

    Corporations and Enterprises: Large businesses often have significant cybersecurity needs. They may purchase Treadstone 71's services to bolster their security defenses, develop internal cybersecurity capabilities, or gain insight into potential threats.
    Government Agencies: These entities often need to protect sensitive data and systems. They may use Treadstone 71's services to improve their defensive capabilities, develop counterintelligence strategies, or gather information on potential threats.
    Cybersecurity Professionals: Individuals working in the field of cybersecurity may purchase Treadstone 71's training to improve their skills, keep up to date with the latest threats and strategies, or gain a competitive edge in their career.
    Academic Institutions: Universities and colleges with a focus on cybersecurity might also be interested in Treadstone 71's services, either to supplement their own curricula or to provide continuing education opportunities for their faculty.
    Technology Firms: Tech companies, especially those handling substantial amounts of user data or providing online services, may need Treadstone 71's services to ensure they are protecting their systems and user data appropriately.
    Healthcare Organizations: Given the sensitivity and value of healthcare data, these organizations could benefit from Treadstone 71's expertise in cybersecurity to safeguard their systems.
    Benefits of engaging Treadstone 71:

    • Increased cyber awareness: Treadstone 71's training courses will help employees to understand the cyber threat landscape and how to identify and avoid cyber threats.
    • Improved threat analysis: Treadstone 71's consulting services can help organizations to assess their cyber risk and develop a plan to mitigate those risks.
    • Enhanced incident response: Treadstone 71's consulting services can help organizations to develop a plan to respond to cyber incidents.
    • Increased operational efficiency: Treadstone 71's training and consulting services help organizations improve their operational efficiency by reducing the time and resources required to estimate and prevent cyber threats.

    Overall, there are several reasons why any organization should buy Treadstone 71 services and training. Treadstone 71 is a well-respected company with a compelling reputation for quality and customer service. We offer a variety of training courses and consulting services tailored to the specific needs of critical infrastructure organizations. By working with Treadstone 71, your organization can increase their cyber awareness, improve their threat analysis, enhance their incident response, and increase their operational efficiency.

    What do we deliver?

    Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft: This is training in various elements of cyber intelligence, like OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence), HUMINT (Human Intelligence), SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence), and more.

    Strategic Intelligence Analysis: Providing analysis on a strategic level to help businesses understand and combat cyber threats.

    Cyber Threat Intelligence Program Development: Assisting organizations in building a structured, formal cyber threat intelligence program.

    Cyber Intelligence Lifecycle management: Overseeing the process of gathering, analyzing, and applying Cyber intelligence.

    Research and analysis: Including targeted research on specific threats, threat actors, vulnerabilities, and other aspects of cybersecurity.

    Cyber CounterIntelligence Strategies and Tactics: Assisting organizations in implementing strategies to counteract cyber threats.

    Cognitive Warfare Training and Consulting. Cyber Psyops: Discover, collect, analyze and deliver actionable intelligence on adversary operations.

    Featured Online Training Now Includes Short Courses

    Online Courses from Cyber Intelligence to Cyber Psyops


    Advanced Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft

    Advanced Strategic Intelligence Analysis

    Adversary Targeting

    Analytic Writing (Reporting and Briefs)

    Aspects of Disinformation

    Basic Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft

    Big Five in Cyber Intelligence

    Building a Cyber Intelligence Program - Part 1

    Building a Cyber Intelligence Program - Parts 2 & 3

    Building a Cyber Intelligence Program - Part 4

    Certified Cyber Counterintelligence Analyst

    Cialdini's Principles in Influence Operations

    Chinese Cognitive Warfare Section 1 Cyber Psyops APT Groups

    Cognitive Warfare Definitions Part 1

    Collection Management

    Color Revolutions - Cognitive Warfare

    Conspiracy Theories

    Critical Thinking and Cognitive Bias for Cyber Intelligence

    Cyber Cointelpro

    Cyber in the Supply Chain

    Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft - Recertification Bundle

    Deception Planning

    Dirty Tricks in CounterIntelligence and Deception

    Global Resilience Federation Operational Framework and Capability Maturity Model 

    Intelligence Requirements

    Intermediate Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft

    Iranian Cognitive and Information Warfare Section 1

    Iranian Cognitive and Information Warfare Section 2 - Measured against STEMPLES Plus

    Myers-Briggs - Under Pressure and the Destructive Mode

    Personas and OPSEC

    Psychological Operations - Cyber Cognitive Warfighter - Psyops

    Psychology of the Seven Radicals

    Russian Cognitive and Information Warfare Section 1

    Russian Cognitive and Information Warfare Security 2 - Information Alibi

    Russian Grey Zone activities, APT Groups - Timelines and Capabilities

    Russian STEMPLES Plus, Hofstede Principles, and Indicators of Change

    Stakeholder Analysis

    STEMPLES Plus - Indicators of Change - Hofstede Principles

    Strategic Source Evaluation, Credibility, Validity, Relevance and Types of Evidence

    Strategic Intelligence Analysis

    Structured Analytic Techniques

    The Dark Triad and Pitch-Black Tetrad - Trolling


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    "Incredible training classes from this crew! Our team was amazed at the content, depth, and competency of the Treadstone 71 team. We walked out pumped and ready. Highly recommended instruction from the best we have seen! If you are tired of paying for generic information or information of little intelligence value, this course is for you. We teach you how to find relevant information that is credible, sources that are valid, and methods of data provenance. All using operationally secure methods in both OSINT and Darknet environments."
    Chinese Plans 2024

    Chinese strategies for 2024

    • Coordination in strategic planning, policy, major projects, scientific forces, resource provision, regional innovative development.
      • Strengthen scientific efforts, focusing on national strategic needs and development requirements, implement large-scale scientific and technological (S&T) projects, continue basic scientific research to enhance the scientific core of high-quality development. Strengthening the construction of strategic S&T power. Drive specialized advantages of national laboratories, research institutions, highly qualified universities, and S&T enterprises.
      • Deepen reform in the S&T field, strengthen policy coordination, expand open cooperation, and unite experts to continuously introduce the new creative movement into high-quality development.

    The statement from Yin Hejun, the Minister of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, shows that the country intends to integrate its R&D capabilities by centralizing scientific and technological efforts under the Party.

    China increased its R&D funding, particularly in basic S&T research, showing a commitment to foundational advancements driving future innovations for offensive cyber ops and cognitive warfare. Quantum computing, AI, and integrated circuits are essential for sophisticated cyber warfare tools and influence operations, advancing China's ability to penetrate networks, disrupt critical infrastructure, and target IP.

    Highly likely to compromise classified communications, advancements in quantum computing pose an increased risk to security and economic stability. AI's role in automating complex cyber-attacks and developing adaptive malware intensifies the threat, enabling more targeted and efficient attacks. The progress in integrated circuits enhances espionage devices and autonomous weapons systems, improving stealth and effectiveness.

    China’s technological strides demonstrate the continuing urgency of fortifying cyber defenses through comprehensive strategies, developing quantum-resistant encryption, employing advanced AI in cybersecurity, and enhancing critical infrastructure. This requires increased R&D, promoting public-private partnerships, and refining a skilled workforce.

    China's strategic efforts reinforce scientific efforts and reforms:

    • Advance China's domestic innovation ecosystem
    • Enhance its global strategic posture further, enabling Belts & Roads and
    • Affect supply chains, cyber operations, and cognitive warfare strategies.

    In response:

    Adopt a comprehensive approach to S&T innovation, policy formulation, and international collaboration. Prioritize investments in R&D, enhance cybersecurity measures, and engage in international cooperation to protect against the evolving threat.

    Wnat to know more?

    "Mastering intelligence analysis is akin to possessing the ultimate key that unlocks the vast chambers of cyberspace. The in-depth skill allows one to illuminate the obscure, navigate through the chaotic streams of data, and discern subtle patterns where others see mere noise. The craft does not merely equip one with the tools to react; it empowers one to predict, to preempt, and to shape the future. Intelligence analysis is not just a skill—it is the art of turning information into foresight and confusion into clarity, providing a strategic advantage that is as crucial in the ether as it is on the physical battlegrounds."

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