• Adversary Focused  Analysis as a Service - Targeted Research

    Adversary Focused Analysis as a Service - Targeted Research

    Analysis as a Service Retainer, cyber intelligence, cyber intelligence training, Adversary and Campaign Analysis, Baseball Cards

    Targeted research and analysis. /// Our collectors are

    our analysts maintaining context and closeness to the issues. ///

    Adversary and Campaign pattern, trending, and tendency assessments. /// Intelligence Tradecraft applied to the online world.

  • Summer and Fall of Cyber - Four Courses Three Weeks - Fort Myers, Florida

    CounterIntelligence, Cyber Intelligence, SATS, Analytic Writing, Strategic Intelligence Analysis

    July 17-August 6 and September 20-October 8

    Marriott Luminary downtown Fort Myers, Florida

    Cyber CounterIntelligence, Structured Analytic Techniques, Analytic Writing,

    Strategic Intelligence Analysis (Cyber Intel Tradecraft)

    Early Bird Discounts through June 10

  • Treadstone71 has much more viable intelligence...

    More Viable intelligence over Fireeye and Recorded Future

    After reading several of our postings on cybershafarat.com regarding Iran,

    we received this: ///  "I read your article on the discussion with Farzin Karami. ///

    That was really eye-opening.

    Treadstone71 has much more viable intelligence on the Iranian cyber threat landscape than even larger organizations like FireEye and Recorded Future." /// Treadstone 71 Pure-Play Intelligence

: Cyber Intelligence Consulting

Analysis as a Service, Reports and Briefs, Adversary Baseball Cards, CTI Program Builds, CTI Maturity Assessments, Interim Head of Intelligence, Intelligence Requirements, TIP Selection and Rollout, Client Driven Consulting

: Cyber Intelligence Research

Targeted Adversary Research, Influence Operations Discovery, Cyber Operations Research, Adversary CounterIntelligence, Emerging Issues, Alternative Futures Analysis, Estimative and Warning Research, Advisory Programs

: Cyber Intelligence Training

Cyber Intelligence, CounterIntelligence, Strategic Intelligence Analysis, Collection Management, Structured Analytic Techniques, Analysis, Analytic Writing, Open-Source Intelligence, Cyber Operations, Influence Operations

Treadstone71 Cyber Threat Intelligence and CounterIntelligence Video Library

Treadstone71 Video Library Contains a Wealth of Information and Media Video Related to Cyber Intelligence

We have gathered and produced a number of videos form the Beacon Series videos on YouTube and interviews with media companies including CBSN, Fox Live, and more. Click the button to view the video library.Cyber Intelligence Training and Cyber Intelligence Training Courses from Treadstone 71

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