Intelligence Tradecraft and Cognitive Warfare

In-Depth Adversary Dossiers and Reports


The In-Depth Adversary Dossiers and Reports service delivers comprehensive intelligence on adversaries, including detailed dossiers, regular briefs on emerging threats, and special reports on significant geopolitical events. Our service provides clients with actionable insights into adversary tactics, techniques, procedures, and psychological profiles, enhancing their ability to anticipate and mitigate potential threats.

Creation of Comprehensive Adversary Dossiers

We create detailed adversary dossiers, including in-depth analysis of adversaries' tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). The dossiers also feature psychological profiles, offering insights into adversaries' motivations, behaviors, and decision-making processes. Understanding the full spectrum of adversary operations provides a strategic advantage in threat anticipation and response.

Regular Intelligence Briefs

We provide regular intelligence briefs on emerging threats and adversary activities. The briefs inform clients about the latest threats landscape developments, enabling them to stay ahead of potential risks. The briefs include concise summaries of new adversary tactics, significant incidents, and evolving threat patterns, ensuring clients receive timely and relevant information.

Special Reports on Significant Geopolitical Events

Our service includes special reports on significant geopolitical events that impact corporate security. The reports comprehensively analyze political upheavals, conflicts, and significant cyber incidents. When examining these events' implications on corporate security, clients make informed decisions and adjust their security strategies accordingly.


Clients receive comprehensive adversary dossiers, regular intelligence briefs, and special reports on significant geopolitical events. The dossiers provide detailed TTPs and psychological profiles, while the intelligence briefs offer timely updates on emerging threats. Special reports deliver in-depth analysis of geopolitical events and their implications for corporate security.


The In-Depth Adversary Dossiers and Reports service enhances clients' understanding of adversaries and the threat landscape. Clients can improve their threat anticipation, response capabilities, and overall security posture by providing actionable intelligence and strategic insights. Our service ensures that clients stay informed about the latest developments and are prepared to address potential threats proactively.

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