Targeted Research - Influence Operations

Targeted Research to Identify and Neutralize Influence Operations

Treadstone 71: Targeted Research to Identify and Neutralize Influence Operations

Influence operations shape narratives, We examine patterns, trends, and tendencies in influence operations. By analyzing data across open sources, the darknet, and social media, we reveal insights into antagonist information, trigger events, manipulation activities, propaganda centers, disinformation models, and more.

Case Focus: Iranian Intelligence Services – The Sayad Project and Sayad 2

Our unique approach is multi-dimensional. Here's how we operate:

  • Anticipating Threat Activities: Identifying key targets that could prompt leadership decisions.
  • Coordinating Intelligence Efforts: Validating and managing collection plans and requirements.
  • Monitoring Threat Changes: Reporting alterations in threat activities, tactics, capabilities, and objectives related to cyber operations.
  • Producing Intelligence Products: Learn to craft timely, fused intelligence, including threat assessments, briefings, and country studies.
  • Providing Analytical Support: Supporting designated exercises, planning activities, and time-sensitive operations.
  • Developing Analytic Approaches: Recommending solutions to situations where information is scarce or unprecedented.
  • Mitigating Deception: Recognizing and reducing deception in reporting and analysis.
  • Recommending Targets: Assessing intelligence and suggesting targets to align with operational objectives.
  • Assessing Vulnerabilities: Evaluating target vulnerabilities and capabilities to chart the best course of action.
  • Developing Priority Requirements: Assisting in creating priority information requirements.
  • Synchronizing Support Plans: Enabling alignment of intelligence support across the supply chain.
  • Understanding Leadership Objectives: Reviewing and comprehending organizational goals and plans.

We are working to improve and bolster our services for targeted research to identify and neutralize influence operations:

Estimative Analytics for Threat Anticipation: Utilize machine learning algorithms to anticipate potential threat activities. These algorithms can analyze historical data and patterns to flag events or entities that may prompt leadership decisions.

Automated Coordination of Intelligence Efforts: Develop AI-driven workflows to automate and validate collection plans and requirements, enabling faster and more efficient coordination.

Real-Time Monitoring of Threat Changes: Implement AI algorithms that can instantly analyze changes in threat activities, tactics, capabilities, and objectives, providing real-time updates and adaptive responses.

Automated Intelligence Product Generation: Use Natural Language Generation (NLG) techniques to automatically craft preliminary intelligence products such as threat assessments, briefings, and country studies.

AI-Driven Analytical Support for Planning: Using machine learning models to analyze and interpret complex scenarios is beneficial for supporting time-sensitive operations and planning activities.

Algorithmic Approaches for Scarce Information: In situations where data is limited or unprecedented, employ specialized algorithms making probabilistic inferences based on available information.

Deception Mitigation Algorithms: Use AI techniques like anomaly detection to recognize and reduce deception in reporting and analysis.

AI-Enhanced Target Recommendations: Utilize AI to assess intelligence and recommend targets that align with operational objectives based on pattern recognition and predictive analytics.

Automated Vulnerability Assessment: Implement AI-driven tools to evaluate target vulnerabilities and capabilities, allowing for a more accurate course of action.

Dynamic Priority Requirements Development: Use AI to analyze a vast array of factors in real time to assist in establishing priority information requirements, ensuring the focus remains on the most critical aspects.

AI-Synchronized Support Plans: Create a centralized AI-driven dashboard to align intelligence support across various stages, enhancing synchronization across the supply chain.

Natural Language Processing for Leadership Objectives: Use NLP to automatically analyze textual data like internal memos, reports, or meeting minutes to understand and track organizational goals and plans.

Media Scrutiny Algorithms: Implement AI algorithms to scrutinize media stories for potential disinformation, focusing on those with potentially dangerous international, national, and local impacts.

Social Media Weaponization Analytics: Use AI to identify weaponized social media instances of disinformation, including the cultivation of proxy sources.

Our evidence-driven analysis probes strategic motivations and tactical activities that may distort or falsely represent your organization. Compared to known tactics and methods, we navigate through the disinformation and propaganda that fuel adversarial opposition in the information environment.

Hunting Cyber Spies and Foreign Intelligence Operators - July 2021

Our mission extends to uncovering false narratives that refine adversary disinformation to appeal to target audiences. Our mission also includes scrutinizing media stories with potentially dangerous international, national, and local impacts. Our explorations lead us to the weaponization of social media, proxy source cultivation, and cyber-enabled disinformation designed to breed chaos and division.

Countermeasure Solutions

We don't just identify the threats; we also provide recommendations for countering them, employing both active and passive measures.

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