Intelligence Tradecraft and Cognitive Warfare

What Does Treadstone 71 Offer to Intelligence Organizations?

Treadstone 71 specializes in cyber intelligence services, strategic program development, and training. Our offering is comprehensive and is an asset for military intelligence and government agencies in various ways:

Cyber Intelligence Expertise

  1. Advanced OSINT Collection: Treadstone 71 excels in collecting open-source intelligence from the surface web and darknet sources. Advanced OSINT Collection is particularly beneficial for agencies looking to amass unclassified yet sensitive information about adversaries.
  2. Targeted Analysis: They offer detailed, high-quality analytical reporting, which is invaluable for making data-backed decisions in a governmental setting.
  3. Threat Attribution: The Treadstone 71 capabilities extend to identifying and attributing cyber threats, providing a competitive advantage for agencies facing state or non-state actors.

Tactical and Strategic Level Support

  1. Actionable Intelligence: Providing actionable intelligence enables military and government bodies to operate proactively rather than reactively, thus conserving resources and enhancing efficiency.
  2. Multi-Stream Data Integration: Treadstone 71 is adept at integrating data from various streams, making intelligence comprehensive and robust, critical for military operations and national security.
  3. Stakeholder Engagement: Our services include working with internal and external stakeholders like law enforcement and strengthening the intelligence framework.

Skill and Capacity Building

  1. Training Modules: With training in cyber intelligence lifecycle, online targeting, and other relevant fields, Treadstone 71 upskills existing government personnel.
  2. Strategic Planning: Treadstone's 71 years of experience in intelligence strategic planning and program development help agencies build or overhaul intelligence operations from the ground up.
  3. Governance and Policy Impact: Agencies learn best practices for data governance, which is increasingly important given the large datasets that military and governmental organizations often manage.

Risk Mitigation

  1. Time-Sensitive Operations: The focus on delivering timely intelligence reduces the window of vulnerability, which is particularly important for national security operations.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Using Treadstone 71's services leads to more efficient operations, potentially saving millions otherwise spent mitigating cyber threats and attacks.

Adaptability and Future-Proofing

  1. Innovation: They focus on developing innovative skills and capabilities to help military and government agencies stay ahead of adversaries in the rapidly evolving cyber landscape.
  2. Estimative Analysis: Moving from a reactive to a forecasted stance gives agencies the edge they need to prevent potential threats.
  3. Traditional Intelligence Fusion: They adopt traditional intelligence tradecraft and adapt them to the internet, making our methodologies more holistic.

Treadstone 71's services are a comprehensive solution for military and government agencies looking to bolster client cyber intelligence capabilities, enhance stakeholder engagement, and streamline operational efficiency.

The Domain of Cognitive Warfare

Cognitive warfare influences adversaries' thought processes, emotions, and decision-making abilities. It is an evolving field that integrates psychological operations, cyber capabilities, and other forms of informational warfare. Here is why Treadstone 71's services in this area are far beyond other market offerings:

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

  1. Holistic Integration: Unlike companies specializing solely in cyber capabilities or psychological operations, Treadstone 71's cognitive warfare services integrate cyber intelligence, psychological strategies, and influence operations. This multi-disciplinary approach ensures a more cohesive and effective strategy.
  2. Fusion of Traditional and Cyber Techniques: By marrying traditional intelligence methodologies with modern cyber tools, they provide a full-spectrum solution often lacking in other market offerings.

Depth of Expertise

  1. Domain Specialists: Given our specialization in cognitive warfare, including disinformation campaigns and media manipulation, Treadstone 71 offers expertise not commonly found in other providers.
  2. Cutting-Edge Training: Treadstone 71 training programs are robust, covering the how-tos, ethical implications, and psychological principles underlying cognitive warfare strategies.

Customization and Scalability

  1. Adaptive Solutions: Treadstone 71 services are not one-size-fits-all but customized to the client's specific needs and operational scopes, which  be particularly useful for nuanced military and intelligence operations.
  2. Resource Flexibility: The ability to scale solutions makes them suitable partners for large-scale governmental operations and smaller, more agile tasks.

Speed and Responsiveness

  1. Rapid Capability Building: The focus on quickly building effective and efficient intelligence capabilities  give agencies a much-needed edge in the fast domain of cognitive warfare.
  2. Time-Critical Operations: In a domain where real-time intelligence and quick decision-making are crucial, the emphasis on timely delivery sets them apart.

Credibility and Collaboration

  1. Stakeholder Engagement: The Treadstone 71 strategy often involves close work with internal and external stakeholders, including law enforcement and other agencies, to ensure a comprehensive approach.
  2. Actionable Intelligence: Our outputs are not just academic but designed to be actionable, enhancing client credibility and utility.


  1. Innovative Techniques: Treadstone 71's commitment to innovation ensures that clients are always ahead of adversaries in a rapidly evolving field.
  2. Forecasting Analysis: Our capabilities extend beyond current operations to estimative analytics, preparing organizations for future threats.

Treadstone 71 sets itself apart as a market leader in this intricate and highly specialized field by offering a comprehensive, adaptable, and future-oriented suite of services in cognitive warfare.

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