Intelligence Tradecraft and Cognitive Warfare

Cyber & Information Ops - Leadership Course

The role of a cyber and information operations (C&IO) leader is multifaceted, combining technical expertise with strategic planning, team management, and ethical considerations. Overseeing the entire gamut of activities described in the course, this leader is the linchpin that holds various elements of a cyber operation together. This course combines in-person and online instruction using a hybrid approach to prepare operational leadership.

Regarding day-to-day tasks, the C&IO leader starts by reviewing Intelligence Requirements (IR) plans and coordinating with intelligence officers and analysts. They ensure that the collected data aligns with the goals of the operation. Risk assessment is another critical task; the leader reviews ongoing operations for vulnerabilities, identifies risks, and develops or adjusts mitigation strategies. They also allocate resources daily, ensuring the optimal deployment of human and technological assets. The leader stays involved in team meetings to keep a pulse on the operation's tempo and to offer guidance. These day-to-day tasks involve continuous communication with various departments, staying updated on the enemy's processes, and tweaking Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) as needed.

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