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Analytic Writing, Reporting and Dissemination Training Course Online

Analytic Writing, Reporting, Briefs, and Dissemination Online Training

The Treadstone 71 Analytic Writing, Reporting, and Dissemination course covers 2 days of intensive writing training, exercises, peer reviews, briefings and reviews, report types and dissemination techniques.  We follow the intelligence community and proven academic methods validated and verified through years of execution.

Analytic Writing, Reports, and Briefs

Introduction               Common Grammar Offenses
Heuristics and the Incredible Chunk               The W Questions
Speaking and Writing, News and Knowledge               Do not!
Writing Schemes and Cognitive Overload               Losing your Reader
Creativity and the Conceptual Front End               Clear Linkages
Analytic Writing               Analytic Coherence
              Reference Materials               Citations and Bibliography
              Principles of Analytic Writing               Setting up Microsoft Word
              Writing Basics Reporting
                           Conciseness               Categories of Finished Intelligence
                           Credibility               Detailed Reports
                           Messaging               Advisory Reports
                           Active Voice               Situation Reports
                           Words and Wording               Sensitive Information Reports
                           Sentences               Estimative Reports
                           Paragraph Review               Forecasting
                           Confidence Wording               STEMPLES Plus
                           Probability wording               Email
              Standard Formatting               Follow-ups
                           BLUF and AIMS FLASH Precedence
              Addressing Focal Questions Editing Process
              Knowing your Stakeholder               Drafts
                           Stakeholder Checklist               Review process
                           Relevance and Alignment to the Intelligence Requirements                            Review cycles
              Key Questions to Organize your Product               Peer Review Rubric
              Getting Started Checklist                            Quality of Information
              The Analytic Line of March                            Sources
              Preparing your writing                            Evidence and Examples
              Rules for Effective Writing                            Sequencing
              Implications                            Voice
              A Writing Template                            Analysis
              Concept Outline Briefs
              Analytic Writing Process               Introduction
                           Flow and Content               Body of the Brief
                           Analytic Inconsistencies               Conclusion
                           Ambiguous Terms               Adversary Brief
                           Comparisons               Current Intelligence Brief
                           Graphics               Operational Intelligence Brief
                           Sequence of Events               Event Brief
                           Bullets               Intelligence Estimate
                           Strength of Supporting Information               Executive Brief
                           Your Objective               Stakeholder Brief
                           Small to Large Briefings
                           Doctrine Presentational Methods
Feedback Loop

Students receive focused training with hands-on practice using templates and exercises that leave the student ready to write for intelligence analysis. There is a rhythm and flow to analytic writing. We help you establish the flow during the class giving you the confidence needed to author analytic products while delivering clear, concise, and effective briefings.

The course runs over 2 days and includes 16 CPEs. 

Lecture, Hands-on, Apprenticeship, in class exercises, student presentations, analytic products, templates, course material—24 CPEs. This course follows the International Association for Intelligence Education Standards for Intelligence Analyst Initial Training while adding academic instruction combined with practical and pragmatic lessons and hands-on work developing the methods and knowledge necessary to write in IC analytic fashion.

In-Person - 2 days

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