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This wiki is an online system for collaborative data sharing built and used by Treadstone 71 to aid in building Cyber Threat Intelligence programs while establishing intelligence sharing and communities of interest. The Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Training Courses led to the establishment of CyberIntellipedia, a wiki consisting of multiple sections covering strategic planning, policies, procedures, templates, taxonomy, examples, dossiers, finished intelligence, estimative intelligence, open-source tools, adversary research, process flow diagrams, reporting, analytic tools and methods, threat intelligence TTPs, and more. From job descriptions and C-Suite presentations to cyber intelligence maturity models and threat matrices, Treadstone 71 is now selling the CyberIntellipedia to the public beginning December 20, 2019. Initial access is screened with tiered pricing. Tiered pricing includes full access to access to the forum area. We are seeking beta testers to participate in the review at discounted pricing.

CyberIntellipedia aligns with the Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Training Courses including aspects of cyber intelligence tradecraft and cyber counterintelligence tradecraft. The wiki follows the intelligence lifecycle providing in-depth documentation for each aspect of the iterative process. We continue to enhance and build CyberIntellipedia including adding a historical cyber adversary component covering attacks, adversaries, their methods, tactics, techniques, and procedures indexed for rapid search.

CyberIntellipedia delivers the tools necessary to build a sustainable program. The wiki gives users access to twelve years of effort demonstrating proven success for cyber threat intelligence strategies, operational efficiencies, tactical methods, and technical alignment. Organizations pay hundreds of thousands of dollars over years of labor to establish what is in the Cyber & Threat Intelligence Wiki - CyberIntellipedia. With guidance and time-based direction, clients can build a complete intelligence program, educate stakeholders, staff, and leadership, without the usual massive outlay for time and materials, and commitment to constant consultant change orders.

The core functions of the CyberIntellipedia are:

  • Enable organizations to quickly understand, adapt and adopt standard cyber intelligence community concepts while pragmatically incorporating cyber intelligence program build solutions incorporated in the wiki.
  • Information Sharing and Safeguarding— improve collaboration while protecting information.
  • Leverage Cyber Intelligence Training from Treadstone 71
  • Consolidate existing and future intelligence requirements into an effective and efficient cyber and threat intelligence ecosystem to enable greater intelligence integration, information sharing, and safeguarding.
  • Provide the intelligence workforce with discovery and access to information based on mission need to deliver timely, tailored, and actionable information.
  • Nurture a culture of innovation and agility that advocates the sharing of ideas and resources adaptable to the changing environment and promotes best practices across the intelligence groups.
  • Prioritization of threats that influence which potential threats get addressed by security organizations and how network security resources are allocated.
  • Collection management is streamlined, and organizations can better communicate their requirements to partners and stakeholders.
  • Cyber threats are widely communicated to the organization, integrated with other intelligence functions, and stakeholders are aware of the most relevant threats.
  • Cyber threats are proactively monitored and prioritized, with updates available to inform stakeholders and leadership.
  • Analytical production aligns with organizational goals, priority intelligence requirements, emerging threats while maintaining awareness of geopolitical and socio-cultural events that impact the cyber environment.

Why the CyberIntellipedia Wiki?

Wikis are about as simple as can be. That simply means that people find them easy to use, just like e-mail and blogs. Like e-mail and blogs, wikis also perform a very useful service in a simple way. A wiki allows a community of interested people to enter and communally edit shared data. Although the documentation included in the full package is open for peer review and suggested changes, that documentation is under the auspices of Treadstone 71. Customers may wish to license the complete CyberIntellipedia library for their own use. Treadstone 71 has a model in process for such a need. Our hope is for the cyber intelligence community of interest represented in CyberIntellipedia to present fundamental principles that guide the understanding of cyber & threat intelligence. Through open intelligence sharing, trusted users may wish to assist in coordinating proactive action towards common community objectives. The market is full of technologies driving technical solutions. CyberIntellipedia is a labor of love that is a full-spectrum, cyber & threat intelligence product designed as an in-depth knowledge-base gleaned from years of hands-on experience.

  • CyberIntellipedia an overview of cyber and threat operations, operational design methodology, and planning, and execution.
  • CyberIntellipedia includes a review of operational design doctrine and applies these principles to the cyber domain.
  • CyberIntellipedia descriptively and prescriptively defines the cyber intelligence planning process and identifies intelligence lifecycle operations planning concerns.
  • CyberIntellipedia provides an overview of cyber and threat intelligence programs, plans, operations, adversaries, and more taken from ten years of direct support to global clients.
  • CyberIntellipedia includes case studies directly focused on cyber and threat intelligence operations.

Treadstone 71 is making the CyberIntellipedia available for public purchase beginning as a trial (December 2019) to iron out the kinks. Stay tuned for more information or contact us expressing your potential level of interest. For a complete, full-scope solution, see the Treadstone 71 Lifecycle product Conscientia.

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