Threat Intelligence Platform Assessment Services - RFP Development - Use Cases - Deployment - Execution

Rapidly organize, identify, review, and select the right Threat Intelligence Platform.

Treadstone 71 streamlines the process of organizing, identifying, reviewing, and selecting the most suitable Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) for your business. Our experience in assisting various companies with the request for information process, evaluation, selection, and deployment of TIPs has honed our expertise and allowed us to develop a library of valuable artifacts. These resources accelerate the selection process, minimize the process lifecycle, and ensure proper criteria are in place for a successful deployment.

Our approach is grounded in intelligence community standards, encompassing tradecraft, security operations, and threat intelligence. We create a tailored process based on your specific needs, which includes:

  1. Critical Considerations:
    • Weighting essential questions directly related to your program's success.
    • Managing the TIP proof of concept through a clear and well-defined procedure.
  2. Organized Collaboration:
    • Coordinating with internal stakeholders from the project's kick-off through to its completion.
    • Recommending required modules, optimal timing, and strategic deployment plans.
  3. RFP Process Management:
    • Reviewing RFP responses, tabulating and consolidating results, and outlining concise next steps.
  4. Use Case Analysis:
    • Evaluating use cases and preparing results for comparison to ensure alignment with your needs.
  5. Leadership Communication:
    • Crafting notifications to leadership regarding selection and budget request documentation.

Treadstone 71 ensures a smooth transition from start to finish, guiding you past potential hurdles and expediting the selection process. We back your rollout process with tried-and-true methods, timelines, and measures refined through numerous engagements.

Interested in a seamless TIP selection and deployment? Reach out to us now. Your successful selection is our priority, and we're here to provide the support and expertise you need.

  • Weights critical and relative questions directly tied to the success of your program
  • Tightly manages the TIP proof of concept with a clear and well-defined process
  • Organizes internal stakeholders from kick-off through completion
  • Recommends needed modules, timing, and deployment plans
  • RFP response review criteria, tabulation, consolidation, and concise next
  • Assesses use cases preparing results for comparison
  • Prepares leadership notification of selection and budget request documentation

From start to finish, Treadstone 71 guides you past the hurdles and quickly to selection. We support your rollout process with proven methods, timelines, and measures honed through multiple engagements.

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  • Pre-built and vetted TIP questionnaire with weights mapped to your needs.
  • Pre-built then localized RFP templates.
  • Use cases aligned to your needs for proof of concept.
  • Clear process for selection and rollout.

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