Methods to Create Relevant Priority Intelligence Requirements

Revitalize Your Intelligence Prioritization with Treadstone 71's Comprehensive Approach:

Facing the Challenge of Prioritizing Intelligence Requirements (IRs): Many organizations grapple with establishing intelligence requirements, often mislabeling them all as priorities. This confusion hampers the ability to shift to Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIRs) when necessary. Treadstone 71's method goes beyond this challenge:

  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: Our approach supports situational awareness, contributing to intelligence preparation in the cyber battlefield and allowing for rapid shifts in priorities.

  • Strategic Alignment: We ensure that measurements in change align from a strategic level (geopolitical/socio-cultural) through to operational and tactical levels. Our method pinpoints the vital indicators to monitor across these layers.

  • Defining Intelligence Requirements: These are the subjects, whether general or specific, where there is a need for intelligence collection. It may fill a gap in organizational knowledge regarding the operational environment or threat actors.

How Treadstone 71 Delivers Value:

  • Identifying Key Information Gaps: We help uncover significant information voids about adversaries and other vital aspects of the operating environment, fortifying situational awareness.

  • Stating Priorities for Intelligence Support: These are the essential items stakeholders need to grasp about the adversary or the operational landscape. Intelligence requirements precisely define the information necessary to make informed decisions.

  • Treadstone 71 Priority Intelligence Process Plus: Download Here. Our commitment is to stay tightly aligned with your stakeholder needs. We delve deep into your organization, including extensive reviews of your 10k documentation, leadership backgrounds, marketing strategies, competitive landscape, products, services, and markets served. The insights we glean are so profound that we often know more about your business than you do.

Treadstone 71's specialized approach to designs intelligence requirements and prioritization adapts to your unique organizational needs. We create a seamless and effective intelligence process by harmonizing your intelligence operations with strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Collaborate with Treadstone 71 and experience a transformative intelligence methodology tailored to empower your decision-making and situational agility.

Streamline Your Intelligence Management with Treadstone 71:

Prioritizing Intelligence Requirements – A Key to Success: The ability to manage intelligence activities effectively hinges on prioritizing intelligence requirements. These requirements guide the deployment of available intelligence capabilities. Treadstone 71 excels in writing and prioritizing intelligence requirements, aligning them closely with your stakeholders' needs and decision-making support. Here's how:

  • Decision-Centric Prioritization: The importance assigned to an intelligence requirement should mirror the significance of the decision it aims to facilitate. In essence, not all decisions hold equal weight. Consider this scenario:

    • A new, unidentified threat actor may be less urgent than an existing, known threat actively targeting your company with novel infiltration methods or shifting intent from espionage to sabotage like disk wiping.

  • Standardized Taxonomy for Clarity: At Treadstone 71, we adhere to a standard taxonomy as a unifying framework. This alignment is paramount for the precise creation and communication of intelligence requirements. It's not just about identifying threats; it's about understanding them in context, which allows for more informed and effective decision-making.

Why Choose Treadstone 71: Intelligence management is not merely about gathering information; it's about prioritizing it to align with your organization's most crucial needs. At Treadstone 71, we recognize that every piece of intelligence is unequal and focus our efforts on what matters most.

With our tailored approach, we assist you in identifying what's critical for your organization, applying a standardized understanding, and providing insights that directly contribute to your critical decisions.

Join forces with Treadstone 71 and harness the power of strategic intelligence prioritization, giving you a sharper focus on essential elements and a more straightforward pathway to success.


  • Rapid identification of intelligence requirements
  • Methods to quickly
    prioritize and target
  • Full scope targeting
    of adversaries
  • Clear Priority Intelligence Requirements definition and communication

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