Intelligence Requirements
Prioritized Intelligence Requirements
Essential Elements of Information
Specific Information Requirements

Many organizations struggle with the creating intelligence requirements offen creating them all as priorities. (IRs) and the ability to shift to priority intelligence requirements (PIRs) when needed. This method supports situational awareness, contributes to the intelligence preparation of the cyber battlefield, and allows rapid shifts in priorities. The method also ensures measurements in change from a strategic level (geo- political/socio-cultural) through operational, and tactical levels. A critical factor during our research efforts is the determination what indicators at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels to monitor.


  • Rapid identification of intelligence requirements
  • Methods to quickly
    prioritize and target
  • Full scope targeting
    of adversaries
  • Clear Priority Intelligence Requirements definition and communication

The effective management of your intelligence activities relies on the prioritization of the intelligence requirements against which available intelligence capabilities may be employed. For this reason, we write intelligence requirements and prioritize them determined by the ability of the resulting intelligence to inform your stakeholder’s and support their decisions.

The relative priority an intelligence requirement is assigned should reflect the criticality of the decision it is intended to support. Simply put, some decisions are more critical than others. For instance, the identification of a new threat actor without clear understanding of the actor’s capabilities or even if they may see your company as a target is less of a priority than an existing threat actor known to target your company with new methods of infiltration and a change in intent from espionage to sabotage in the form of disk wiping.

At Treadstone 71, we use standard taxonomy as a common unifier for understanding. This is critical for the accurate creation and communication of intelligence requirements.

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