Intelligence Tradecraft and Cognitive Warfare

Cyber Intelligence Lifecycle Management

The module drives continuous feedback loops throughout the lifecycle engaging users to follow structured methods of collection, data organization, production, analysis, and management. The Cyber Intelligence Lifecycle solution:

  1. Captures stakeholder needs including intelligence requirements
  2. Enables prioritization of those requirements
  3. Build manage and track collection plans
  4. Focuses on evidence-based intelligence analysis
  5. Drives structured analytic techniques such as:
    1. Key Assumptions
    2. Hypotheses Generation
    3. Analysis of Competing Hypotheses
    4. Scenario Analysis
    5. STEMPLES Plus with Indicators of Change and Hofstede Principles
      1. Social, Technical, Economic, Military, Political, Legal, Educational, Security (internal) with a catch-all Plus for Religion, Demographics, Psychological 
      2. Indicators of Change providing an objective baseline for tracking events
    6. Indicators and Indicators Validation non-inclusively.

The module integrates and manages the cyber threat intelligence lifecycle functions in a contextually focused environment that helps author intelligence advisories, situation reports, and forecasts. The Cyber Intelligence Lifecycle solution enables teams:

  • The ability to manage and track historical trends of adversaries and their campaigns with full data transparency
  • Contextually align your cyber threat intelligence to your organizations as opposed to generic data feeds
  • Minimize cycle time while reducing overhead and operational risk
  • Enforce an iterative feedback loop enable continuous touchpoints between stakeholders and the cyber threat intelligence team.

The cyber intelligence lifecycle module enables collectors and analysts to work together on company-specific intelligence requirements, giving collection management the ability for continuous oversight supporting relevancy and rapidly redirect collection targets as needed. This will speed the decision making on threats helping to estimate possible next steps. Teams will be able to provide their own credibility, validity, and relevancy ratings to the data collected.

  • The combination of Treadstone 71 training and education with the cyber intelligence lifecycle solution enables historical pattern and trend analysis while creating clear pictures of adversary tendencies. Treadstone 71 will provide discounted training rates to teams using the solution.

The solution is not meant to replace threat intelligence platforms but to provide an integrated series of modules that manages your intelligence program. We intend to enable the integration of strategic intelligence plans, policies, procedures, process flows, questionnaires, diagrams, presentations, reports, and briefs to managing the cyber threat intelligence lifecycle.

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