Cyber and Threat Intelligence Strategic Planning and Program Build

A Facilitated, Mentored Intelligence Program Geared Towards Immediate Success - We teach you how to fish.

Designed to guide your organization to a complete strategy and program in 3 to 4 months.

  • goals and objectives creation,
  • maturity assessment,
  • targeted maturity tracking,
  • business justifications
  • strategic planning,
  • timeline development
  • SOP development,
  • stakeholder analysis,
  • priority intelligence requirements,
  • threat matrices,
  • strategic analysis,
  • OPSEC models,
  • rules of engagement,
  • persona development and management,
  • data provenance models,
  • job descriptions,
  • competency models,
  • process flows
  • program measures and metrics,
  • table-top exercises
  • threat intelligence platform selection,
  • collection planning,
  • structured analytic techniques,
  • threat hunting assessment and standards alignment,
  • intelligence analysis,
  • analytic writing and
  • dissemination non-inclusively
  • operational support
  • intelligence research
  • information sharing


  • Build a complete program from strategy through collection and analysis
  • Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training Courses based on intelligence community standards (US and UK)
  • The first academically and commercially delivered cyber intelligence training courses on the market since 2008.
  • Gain insights into threat intelligence collection methods and focused information requirements
  • Rapidly execute stakeholder tasks
  • Cyber Intelligence Training and Certification that educates your team as you build the program

Learn, tailor, standardize, execute

Access instructional videos following the intelligence lifecycle with regular ‘instructor office hours. The process follows a standard cycle including comments, suggestions, recommendations, and examples of previously finished products while demonstrating the iterative properties of each lifecycle function.

  • Clients move at a regular pace that corresponds with their internal schedules.

The subscription includes the standard Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification training and adds a new module aiding clients with the creation of table-top exercises.

  • Clients gain confidence in their capabilities and functions as they carefully follow the training, timelines, and execute the deliverables.
  • Clients create and measure against well-defined goals and objectives with specific outcomes.
  • Objectives measure against the Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Capability Maturity Model up to 36 months.
  • Stakeholder communication strategies ensure continued program status awareness.
  • Specific models following community standards drive intelligence reporting.
  • Organization staff completes the Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification Training to codify the program.

The Treadstone 71 12 Month Cyber Intelligence Training Course as a program may be completed sooner depending on the commitment and pace of those involved.

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