Threat Intelligence Platform Assessment Services - RFP Development - Use Cases - Deployment - Execution

Rapidly organize, identify, review, and select the right Threat Intelligence Platform.

Treadstone 71 has helped many companies prepare for the request for information process, evaluation, selection and deployment of TIPs. Through these engagements Treadstone 71 created a library of artifacts proven to speed the process, shorten the lifecycle of the process, and properly establish the criteria leading to a successful selection and deployment process.

The overall effort draws from intelligence community standards based on tradecraft, security operations, and threat intelligence. We craft a process based on your needs that:

  • Weights critical and relative questions directly tied to the success of your program
  • Tightly manages the TIP proof of concept with a clear and well-defined process
  • Organizes internal stakeholders from kick-off through completion
  • Recommends needed modules, timing, and deployment plans
  • RFP response review criteria, tabulation, consolidation, and concise next
  • Assesses use cases preparing results for comparison
  • Prepares leadership notification of selection and budget request documentation

From start to finish, Treadstone 71 guides you past the hurdles and quickly to selection. We support your rollout process with proven methods, timelines, and measures honed through multiple engagements.

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  • Pre-built and vetted TIP questionnaire with weights mapped to your needs.
  • Pre-built then localized RFP templates.
  • Use cases aligned to your needs for proof of concept.
  • Clear process for selection and rollout.

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