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Targeted Analysis Driving Clear and Concise Reports and Briefs

We know that intelligence analysis needs significant skill. We know analysis is not the easiest thing to do. That is why we offer the Analysis as a Service model for our clients. Our collection uses information requirements directly taken during stakeholder interviews. We then prioritize with you to ensure clear targeting and need. Your review and signature on the collection plan is a core objective prior to execution. We use detailed and documented research methods that:

Treadstone 71 Collection and Analysis is not compartmentalized but directly engaged as a single unit. Continuous feedback loops and constant communication ensure rapid changes to collection plans and advanced adversary targeting.
  • Organizes collected data
  • Catalog and prioritize
  • Segments useful information from non
  • Prepares the data for first review


  • Platform Brief
  • Adversary Brief
  • Current Intelligence Brief Operational Intelligence
  • Brief Event Brief
  • Intelligence Estimate
  • Daily Intelligence Summary
  • Executive Brief
  • Stakeholder Brief Intelligence Advisories
  • Baseline Intelligence Targeted Adversary Reports
  • Technical Intelligence Situation Reports, Tactical
  • Reports
  • Sensitive Information Reports Estimative
  • Intelligence Baseline Intelligence Summary
  • Warning/Threat Intelligence Flash Precedent

Our methods followed traditional structured analytic techniques blended with intuition requiring patience, perseverance, aptitude and skills. Attributes highly sought after in the industry but hard to find. Treadstone 71 drives research and extracts data from both the surface internet and the darknet. The analysis we perform and the reports we supply contextually align to your priority intelligence requirements while creating trackable collection plans. The plans provide a living roadmap that maintains collection relevance incorporating critical thinking and intellectual traits.

Our analysis methods include:

  • Link and Pattern Analysis
  • Trend and Technical Analysis
  • Tendency and Cultural Analysis
  • Anomaly and Semiotic Analysis
  • Anticipatory Analysis and Analysis for Emerging Threats
  • Current, Warning, Strategic, and Estimative Intelligence

We collect - We organize - We decompose - We prioritize - We analyze - We think - We report - We deliver - Iterative lifecycle methods incorporating objective analysis with intuition and structured methods of analysis - Since 2002

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