Internal Communities of Interest
Intelligence Sharing
Information Sharing

Intelligence Communities of Interest - Mission Objectives


  • Intelligence sharing criteria and classification
  • Clear data protection guidelines
  • Goals that drive internal sharing
  • Lays the groundwork for external sharing with vetted partners
  • Aligns to your organizational risk appetite

Strategic Intelligence - inform and enrich understanding of enduring security issues while supporting board level decision-making;

  • Deepen understanding of the strategic environment to enable strategic and operational groups to pursue security, mission- and issue-specific goals;
  • Access and assess adversary capabilities, activities, and intentions to provide CTI. and Security with greater insight and certainty;
  • Provide in-depth and contextual objective analysis and expertise to support security policy and strategy.

Anticipatory Intelligence - detect, identify, and warn of emerging issues and gaps; product of intelligence collection and analysis focused on trends, events, and changing conditions to identify and characterize potential or imminent discontinuities, significant events, substantial opportunities, or threats to organizational interests;

  • Create capabilities for dynamic horizon- scanning and discovery to assess changing and emerging conditions and issues that can affect information security;
  • Deepen understanding of conditions, issues, and trends to detect subtle shifts and assess their potential trajectories, and forecast the impact on information security thus generating opportunities to alert or warn;
  • Develop integrated capabilities to create alerts within your organization, and to provide timely and relevant
    warning to our customers.

Current Operations - support ongoing actions and sensitive passive collection and counter intelligence operations;

  • Provide actionable, timely, and agile intelligence support to achieve and maintain an advantage;
  • Integrate and collaborate with diverse partners to maximize the effectiveness and reach of your intelligence community in support of operations;
  • Conduct sensitive intelligence operations to support effective priority intelligence requirements.

Threat Intelligence – provide intelligence on cyber threats; intelligence is the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of information from all sources of intelligence on adversary cyber programs, intentions, capabilities, research and development, tactics, and operational activities and indicators; their impact or potential effects on security, information systems, infrastructure, and data; and network characterization.

  • Increase our awareness and understanding of key cyber threat actors— including their intentions, capabilities, and operations—to meet the growing number and complexity of cyber-related requirements;
  • Expand tailored production and dissemination of actionable cyber intelligence to support the defence of vital information networks and information systems;
  • Expand our ability to enable collection effort to support stakeholder requirements;

Business Intelligence – delivering intelligence on business functions and capabilities as drawn from our information systems;

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