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Treadstone 71 Cyber and Threat Intelligence Program Build – For Sustainability

Delivering the right information at the right time to the right people

The Cyber and Threat Intelligence Program Build Service covers strategic planning, operational implementation, and tactical alignment to existing intelligence and information security functions in your organization. Treadstone 71 follows traditional intelligence tradecraft and lifecycle activities applying knowledge gained over years of supporting cyber and threat intelligence organizations. We aid and drive the building of strategic intelligence strategic programs, create policies, build procedures, establish practical and pragmatic implementation plans. Integrated with our training and strategic planning.

Laying the groundwork for an accepted and understood program needs leadership approvals and buy-in. Our program ensures these activities are successful. The diagram below provides some of the areas of coverage in our program. Many clients codify the program with the Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification training customized for the build and used to not only educate but integrate functions across information security.

Would you prefer to build your program as an extended training exercise? We now offer an online training program that speeds your program build process. Check out our training for this new offering.

We also incorporate our Cyberintellipedia Product ensuring rapid implementation while using years of effective content from our knowledgebase wiki.


  • Leadership-ready strategic plan with
    clear goals, objectives,
    and outcomes
  • Rapid development of
    SOPs, process flows,
    metrics, and reporting
  • Solid foundation of
    intelligence community
  • Integration with the
    Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Capability Maturity Model, TIP Selection and Rollout service
  • Integration points with stakeholders while building an internal
    intelligence community
    of interest
  • Report models,
    examples, for rapid delivery

The Treadstone 71 Program ensures support for organizational mission and objectives while strengthening intelligence across the enterprise. The program confirms intelligence vision, mission, goals, objectives, and intelligence requirements. Tread- stone 71 incorporates both revolutionary and evolutionary methods. We work with you to establish the framework for creating, improving, and measuring your program. Strategic goals and objectives are created and assigned. The program creates metrics, performance goals, milestones, and roadmaps. Treadstone 71 guides you through the journey anticipating modifications and shifts. The program helps you advance the enterprise intelligence program. Standardize intelligence oversight, peer reviews, and governance as well as clear roles, responsibilities, and job families. We also integrate with customer-facing organizations providing advice and guidance on competitive intelligence.

The Treadstone 71 program applies in-depth, substantive expertise, corporate and organizationally specific information, and tough-minded tradecraft to product and provide distinctive value-added recommendations and opportunities advancing corporate leadership’s needs while improving organizational business interests.

Program initiatives provide overall structural management, governance, risk, Intelligence operations, oversight, and compliance with applicable organizational regulations and statutes. Creating an Intelligence Center of Excellence helps facilitate the cyber intelligence, counterintelligence and cyber crime functions through the following areas:

  • Open Source data collection
  • Adversary actor dossier development
  • Adversary tool usage and Campaign analysis
  • Collection, Mission, and Requirements Management
  • Standard operating procedures, process flows, metrics management, feedback tracking
  • ATT&CK methods for adversary TTPs used for forecasting
  • Threat Intelligence Platform rules, navigation, workflows, investigations
  • Threat Intelligence based upon proper basic and research intelligence
  • Access to the proper tools necessary to manage the program
  • Rules of engagement and escalation
  • Continued training and understanding of tradecraft
  • Structured techniques, analysis methods through intelligence production
  • Analytic writing, peer review, bottom-line-up-front (BLUF) delivery
  • Intelligence preparation of the cyber battlefield
  • Reporting and briefing templates and methods for rapid delivery

Each of these functional areas works in federation with corporate leadership and corresponding marketing, physical Intelligence and stakeholder functions. We assist in building your internal intelligence community of interest facilitying information sharing. The program integrates with and extracts requirements from all levels within your organization thus ensuring continuous improvement in Cyber Intelligence consistent with our mission statement.

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