Intelligence for the C-Suite and Stakeholders

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The C-Suite craves new information that drives business decisions. Cyber and Threat Intelligence is just what is needed! Are you in need of awareness of the intelligence lifecycle and how intelligence drives your security team and supports your business? Do you know what Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Threat Intelligence are? This is a one-day (6 hour) course designed to educate corporate leadership and stakeholders in cyber and threat intelligence. There is a general awareness of the need to establish intelligence functions. Many organizations do not have a fundamental understanding of what intelligence is, where the function should reside, how it is different from business and competitive intelligence while understanding the overlaps and natural points of integration. We target corporate leadership delivering a clear and coherent training that equips stakeholders with the understanding and tools they need to assist in building a successful intelligence program.

The seminar covers cyber, threat, competitive, business and supply chain intelligence functions designed to quickly provide leadership with the understanding need to support and build a successful intelligence program. We will cover strategic plan development, approaches, intelligence risk and standard operating procedures helping to tune your threat intelligence strategy to mitigate risk. The seminar includes stakeholder and executive models for supporting the intelligence process ensuring alignment with information security, incident response, security operations and the business. Gain insights into intelligence tradecraft and the need for sharing as methods of preparedness and corporate due diligence.


The course prepares the executive with the following understanding non-inclusively:

Actors and Campaigns
Analysis Overview
Analyst Activities
Analytic Writing
Basic Concepts Concerning Intelligence
BLUF and AIMS, Supervisory Actions, Summary Paragraphs
Challenges for Stakeholders to Accept Intelligence
Collection Management
Estimative, Warning, Advisories, STEMPLES Plus
Feedback Loop
Functions and Capabilities
Goals / Objectives
Guiding Principles
ICD 203, 206, 208
Implementing Intelligence Programs
Indicators of Change
Indicators of Compromise
Intelligence Requirements
Intelligence Risk
Intelligence Strategic Challenges
Intelligence: Role, Definitions, and Concepts
Issues, Tactics, Techniques, Methods, and Principles Managing Intelligence Projects
Job Descriptions
Know your professor, get an A – Communicating Up
Leading the Team
Maturity Model and Tracking
Measurements of Effectiveness
Mitre ATT&CK
Operational, Technical, Tactical
Peer review
Priority Intelligence Requirements
Production Management
Providing Focused Leadership
Relevance, Timeliness, Completeness, Accuracy, Usability
Reports and Reporting
Roles and Responsibilities
Rules for developing analysts - Alignment and as collectors/researchers
Source Data Analysis
Stakeholder checklist and stakeholder management needs
Stakeholder Views: Impact on Intelligence
Strategic Analysis Leading to Strategic Decisions
Strategic Plan development, acceptance, and dissemination
The Analyst’s Roles and Responsibilities - RACI(s)
The Executive / Stakeholder's Roadmap
The Need for Sharing – Safely/Securely/Trust
The Role of Intelligence Management
The Role of Strategic Intelligence and Its Impact on Stakeholders
The Role, Responsibilities, and Functions of the Analyst
The Strategic Intelligence Process - Operations to Tactics
The Treadstone 71 Method
Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence Platform
Threat Matrix
TIP Selection Process
Understanding Issues and the Process
What is Intelligence?
What is not Intelligence?
What the Analyst will face
Who/What, Why Now, So What, Impact So Far, Outlook, & Implications
Why Stakeholders and Executives Need Strategic Analysis

This is a one-day interactive seminar used to educate, work with, understand, and prepare stakeholders and leadership for effectively building and managing a cyber threat intelligence team.

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