Benefits of Treadstone 71 Training

Benefits of Treadstone 71 Training

Treadstone 71 High Level Benefits of the Cyber and Threat Intelligence Program Build service

Our training examines Sherman Kent's Analytic Doctrine from the cyber perspective as well as the availability and use of OSINT tools. Students are able to understand the cyber intelligence lifecycle, the role and value of cyber intelligence relative to online targeting and collection, in modern organizations, businesses, and governments at the completion of this course and, use of our advisory services. We follow the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) Standards for Intelligence Analyst Initial Training and the Professional Head of Intelligence Analysis Framework (PHIA). We blended these standards into a unique program. 


  • Deliver accurate reports on time with complete data
  • Remove bias from reporting
  • Build rigor and standard methods of intelligence into their programs
  • Quickly examine the data for new targeting and potential immediate recommendations and/or opportunities
  • Develop methods for critical thinking
  • Build skills and capabilities in OSINT tools for data collection

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Corporations and other private sector agencies and organizations, increasingly aware of cyber threats, are adding departments and employees to help anticipate and fight cybercrimes, hacktivists, state and non-state actors. This can cost clients more than €8 million per day.

  • Clients learn the cyber intelligence lifecycle.
  • Clients study the role and value of cyber intelligence relative to their organization.
  • Clients develop skills in online targeting and collection, in modern organizations, businesses, and
  • Clients learn the methods of their adversaries.
  • Time is of the essence when protecting your organization's critical information assets against cyber threats. At times, days or even months can pass before vulnerabilities in your environment are patched, increasing
    business risk and expanding the window of exposure.
  • The services use traditional intelligence tradecraft adopted for the Internet.
  • Clients understand the extent and depth of their Internet attack surface. (Treadstone 71 Intelligence Strategic Planning and Program Developmen
      Why do we need skills in cyber intelligence? Treadstone 71 works with clients to rapidly build effective and efficient intelligence capabilities.

As an analyst the Professional Head of Intelligence Analysis (PHIA) framework will:

  • help you articulate your current skill levels, using language that is recognized across the intelligence assessment community.
  • help you identify learning and development gaps.
  • support you if you wish to move between intelligence assessment organizations more easily.

As a line manager/team leader of analysts it will:

  • help you recruit analysts more effectively.
  • facilitate career development conversations.
  • enable the increasing professionalization of your team.

One student stated that:

The Cyber Intelligence Training delivered and created by Jeff Bardin adds rapid returns to both Cyber Intel Analysts, and Security Ops Centers. Each student receives quality instruction and hands-on experience with today’s OSINT tools and intelligence tradecraft. This is necessary for anyone new to Cyber Intelligence and complimentary to any Security Operations within your enterprise. This 5-day class provides the student with the resources and fundamentals needed to establish cyber intelligence as a force as both a proactive offensive step and a counter intelligence-contributing arm of your larger team.

Student, Fortune 100 Company

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