The Treadstone 71 Difference

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We are nothing like competitors who are rooted in defensive posture actions with a pedigree in reverse engineering malware and providing defensive solutions for that malware, and just plain do not understand what intelligence is and is not. Most come from anti-virus firms, information security companies, law enforcement, and many with backgrounds in incident response and security operations. What we provide is a complete focus on intelligence rooted in traditional tradecraft and fully integrated and adapted for the cyber environment.

We build cyber and threat intelligence programs rooted in the intent and capabilities of delivering data, information, and intelligence that forecasts and estimates adversary actions. Intelligence, that enables leadership, business units, and security functions to prepare and prevent malicious activity against your most important systems and information.

Established in 2002, Treadstone 71 is a pure-play cyber intelligence company. The programs we build span technical and tactical intelligence through operational and strategic intelligence facilitating internal and external communities of interest.

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  • we help you improve your incident detection, prevention, and response developing feedback to improve your cyber defenses
  • we assist you in using you threat intelligence to help automate security operations and remediation actions enhancing your operational tradecraft<
  • we guide you in the building of a centralized threat intelligence service that guides cybersecurity activities of other organizational units
  • we drive efficiencies and effectiveness in risk management<
  • we operationalize your threat intelligence from little to no processes to mature procedures, standard operating procedures, and workflows
  • we ensure integration between all things PESTELI +R+E+ and existing technologies in your SOC
  • we ensure you understand how to define credibility and relevance of your threat intelligence feeds that leads to truly actionable intelligence
  • we assist you in understanding your attack surface and online footprint from websites to social media to the darknet creating new opportunities for targeted intelligence collection
  • we help identify, infiltrate, and track adversaries providing information where and when possible to prevent attacks
  • we understand geopolitical factors that helps prepare your cyber environment for current and future contingencies
  • we learn the priorities of your adversaries and help you define a more assertive cyber posture for your organization
  • we tailor strategies and programs based upon your organizational needs and the needs of leadership
  • we teach and embed cyber intelligence tradecraft in your organization that is lasting following structured techniques proven in the intelligence community
  • we educate and drive situational awareness through table top exercises based upon proven military methods adopted for commercial organizations
  • we identify adversary front companies, their means, motives, and targets
  • we look at adversary’s skills, motivation, maliciousness, types of adversaries, level of automation and rate, informational impacts, targets, defensive measures, adversary course(s) of action, operational impact, line of business impact, and attack vectors
  • we create and maintain a presence on their virtual soil using virtual HUMINT methods to help identify your attack surface, your digital footprint
  • we know methods of collection, organization/production, structured analytic techniques, how to determine source credibility, communicate gaps and confidence levels, analyze using standard methods of inference, deductive and inductive reasoning, apply clear process for critical thinking, and deliver product in standard analytic writing methods that is clear and concise
  • we have been penetrating adversary sites, forums and social media since 2004 using both active and passive methods of cyber engagement – we have been in business since 2002
  • we listen

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