Intelligence Tradecraft and Cognitive Warfare

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Imagine a room buzzing with open-minded students, all eager to dive deep into cyber warfare, disinformation, and cognitive warfare. Each session, led by a seasoned expert, is a learning experience and a forge where future cyber warriors are shaped.

But here is the best part: This exclusive offer is tailor-made for teams. With a cap of eighteen participants, including up to three complimentary spots, you are assured an intimate, focused learning environment. Your team will not just learn; they will engage, interact, and emerge as a cohesive unit, ready to tackle the challenges posed by adversaries like Russia, China, and Iran in the cyber domain.

Do not miss this chance to transform your team into a cyber intelligence powerhouse with Treadstone 71's unparalleled training. Seize this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in cyber operations, influence strategies, and psychological operations.

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