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Our In-Person courses cover intelligence, counterintelligence, cyber psyops, influence operations, how to build a cyber intelligence program, geopolitical and strategic intelligence, open-source intelligence, clandestine cyber human intelligence, persona development and use, and operational security in online environments. Our courses include the adversary OSINT techniques, methodical procedures for OPSEC, and the use of ChatGPT and other AI solutions.

If you really want to enhance your cyber intelligence beyond mere cyber hygiene, free yourselves from useless threat intelligence feeds, and significantly reduce your risk, collection times, and data validation efforts, then Treadstone 71 intelligence training is for you. Should you wish to continue to perform cyber hygiene activities while pouring your hard-earned budget into $8k technical classes that bear little fruit, then do not take our courses. If you want to take your team to the next level of expertise in cyber intelligence, while weaning yourself off of someone else’s high-priced generic data and information, then look to Treadstone 71. Students will use virtual machines, download, and install ChatGPT, train the AI module on their data stores, and incorporate updated content during hands-on course case studies. Why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a vendors ChatGPT install over their controlled data that is not geared to you? We take you through the installation and use AI tools preparing you configure and training ChatGPT tools over your hard curated data. Stop paying someone else for what you can do.

We invite you to seize exceptional opportunities tailored to your needs. Whether you are interested in purchasing multiple courses or seeking group discounts, Treadstone 71 has a range of exclusive offers available. Contact us, and we will collaborate with you to provide the best deals, including packages like "buy 2" or "buy 3." Public courses and customized private courses available. Do not waste your final 2023 dollars on overly expensive courses geared to keep you coming back. Take three Treadstone 71 courses for the price of one of theirs. Wow!

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Our training is not just another run of the mill series of courses; we offer comprehensive experiences designed to equip you with the knowledge required in today's cyber landscape. Here is what you can expect:

  1. Core cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, cyber operations, and cognitive warfare instruction followed by advanced training designed to rapidly mature your intelligence program.
  2. AI Integration: Benefit from the practical application of tools like ChatGPT and other leading AI solutions, providing hands-on experience leveraging artificial intelligence for intelligence and counterintelligence efforts.
  3. Core Intelligence Lifecycle Modules: Delve into the foundational aspects of intelligence, exploring methodologies and processes vital to the analysis, collection, and dissemination of actionable insights.
  4. Global Perspectives: Understand cognitive warfare methods employed by significant state actors, including Russia, China, and Iran. This insight offers a deep understanding of varying tactics, allowing you to anticipate and counter potential threats.
  5. Risk-Reduced OPSEC Methods: Learn innovative approaches to operational security, minimizing risk, and enhancing the effectiveness of your intelligence operations.
  6. Information Warfare Training: Engage in a comprehensive exploration of information warfare, including the principles, techniques, and strategies to recognize and respond to this evolving threat landscape.
  7. Access to Advanced Tools and Techniques: Acquire hands-on knowledge in using and understanding ransomware and DDoS tools and techniques. Though these will be examined from a defensive standpoint, understanding the offensive capabilities of these tools ensures a well-rounded perspective.
  8. Experience immediate returns that every stakeholder wants to see. Manage their expectations while over delivering with actionable intelligence that prevents instead of acting on what is already inside your environment, better known as cyber hygiene.
  9. CPE credits, certifications, scores of artifacts, strategic, operational, tactical, and technical instruction backed by 16 years of teaching cyber intelligence.
  10. Team discounts available. Customized case studies and a pre-training cyber intelligence self-assessment to understand your program gaps.

Join us at Treadstone 71 and immerse yourself in a course that offers far more than mere information. It is an invitation to mastery in the evolving world of cyber intelligence and warfare. Do not miss this chance to enhance your skills and safeguard against the ever-changing threats of the digital age. Contact us today to discover the specials and embark on this transformative journey.

  • Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft
  • Certified Cyber CounterIntelligence Analyst
  • Certified Cyber Intelligence Analyste
    • Threat detection: AI-powered systems can scan large volumes of data and find patterns of behavior that show potential threats. This can help security teams quickly find and respond to threats before they can cause harm.
    • Fraud detection: AI tools can analyze financial transactions, user behavior and other data sources to find anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activity.
    • Malware detection: AI algorithms can analyze code and behavior to find malware and other forms of malicious software.
    • Estimating future actions: AI can analyze historical data to find patterns and make forecasts about future cyber threats.
    • Network security: AI can check network traffic and find potential security threats, such as unauthorized access or data breaches.
    • Incident response: AI tools can aid security teams in responding to incidents by analyzing data and finding the source of the attack.Certified Cyber Counterintelligence Analyst
  • Advanced Analytic Writing
  • Advanced Structured Analytic Techniques
  • Advanced Critical Thinking and Cognitive Bias
  • Building a Cyber Intelligence Program
  • OPSEC, OSINT, and Darknet Collection
  • Cognitive Warfare Series of Training

    • Hybrid Warfare, Color Revolutions, Grey Zone Activities, Russian, Chinese, and Iranian Information Operations, Conspiracy Theories, Intelligence and Counterintelligence - Cyberspace Lifecycle Operations, Cyber Militias - Rapid Organizing and Execution Against Nation-State Aggression

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