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  • AI-Infused Certified Cyber Intelligence Analyst - Boston, MA Mar 18-22
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AI-Infused Certified Cyber Intelligence Analyst - Boston, MA  Mar 18-22 AI-Infused Certified Cyber Intelligence Analyst - Boston, MA  Mar 18-22

AI-Infused Certified Cyber Intelligence Analyst - Boston, MA Mar 18-22

Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft - Boston Mar 18-22, 2024


On demand in most locations. Minimum class size - 8 students. Contact us for information. This course follows the International Association for Intelligence Education Standards for Intelligence Analyst Initial Training with added extended modules on Structured Analytic Techniques (SATS) and the most important, Analytic Writing.  I. Introduction to Intelligence II. Critical Thinking III. Analytic Writing IV. Creative Thinking V. Analytic Briefing VI. Structured Analytic Techniques. VII. Analytic Issues VIII. Argument Mapping IX. Case Studies

Welcome to the future of cyber intelligence analysis! In our evolving landscape, where threats are becoming more sophisticated daily, traditional methodologies alone may not suffice. That's why we present our groundbreaking AI-Enhanced Training Program – the bridge between human expertise and machine intelligence.

Course Overview:

Our comprehensive training program adopts a holistic approach to cybersecurity and intelligence analysis, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance traditional methodologies. With the digital realm becoming increasingly complex and perilous, it's crucial to equip professionals with cutting-edge tools and techniques.

Anonymity and Passive Persona Setup:

In this module, we delve into anonymity and passive persona setup. By integrating AI-driven collaboration, we empower you to detect potential risks and vulnerabilities during the persona setup process.

Glossary and Taxonomy:

We introduce an AI-powered search function that simplifies terminology definitions and swiftly reveals relationships between terms, making your research more efficient.

Operational Security (OPSEC):

Incorporate AI tools to assess and optimize your operational security setup, identifying potential weak links in your security chain.

Understanding Intelligence:

We provide real-time simulations with AI to demonstrate the limits and capabilities of modern intelligence methods. This module ensures you understand what intelligence can and cannot do.

Open-Source Intelligence Techniques and Tools:

Learn how to utilize AI for scraping, sentiment analysis, and data categorization within open-source intelligence.

Leveraging ChatGPT for Cyber Intelligence Analysis

Introduction to ChatGPT in Cybersecurity and Intelligence Analysis

  • Setting Up ChatGPT for Cyber Intelligence Tasks
  • ChatGPT for Anonymity and Passive Persona Setup
  • Enhancing Operational Security with ChatGPT
  • Using ChatGPT for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Automating Stakeholder and Threat Actor Analysis
  • Supporting Intelligence Requirements and Collection Planning
  • Advanced Analytical Techniques with ChatGPT
  • Integrating ChatGPT with Cyber Intelligence Tools
  • Case Studies and Simulations

Skills Developed:

  • Proficiency in adapting ChatGPT for various cyber intelligence tasks.
  • Ability to critically assess the applicability of AI-generated insights in cybersecurity contexts.
  • Expertise in integrating AI tools with traditional intelligence methodologies for enhanced analysis.

This module represents a foundational step in equipping intelligence professionals with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI in their work, ensuring they are prepared to meet the challenges of modern cyber threats with innovative and effective solutions.

Stakeholder Analysis:

AI automates stakeholder sentiment analysis based on public statements or social media activity, allowing you to gain valuable insights more efficiently.

Intelligence Requirements to PIRs (Priority Intelligence Requirements):

Implement AI to prioritize PIRs based on historical data and forecasting, streamlining your intelligence-gathering process.

STEMPLES Plus - Hofstede Principles - Indicators of Change:

Leverage AI for pattern, trend, and tendency analysis, identifying early change indicators across various cultural and social dimensions. Targeted STEMPLES Plus AI analysis provides invaluable insights.

Adversary Targeting - D3A F3EAD:

Integrate AI to assist in data aggregation and correlation during the Decide, Detect, Deliver, and Assess phases of adversary targeting while enhancing precision in targeting.

Collection Methods and Techniques:

AI plays a pivotal role in sorting and categorizing collected data, vastly improving efficiency and focus.

Collection Planning, IRs/PIRs/EEIs/Indicators/SIRs:

Employ AI to optimize the planning phase, allocating resources more effectively based on predictive analytics.

Collection Process Flow:

Integrate AI tools to automate certain stages of the collection process, allowing for a more streamlined and effective data-gathering process.

Collection (OSINT) Tools and Targeting:

AI algorithms identify patterns and suggest potential OSINT sources that might be overlooked.

Most Likely Threat Actors:

Machine learning algorithms continually update and prioritize threat actor profiles based on emerging data and trends.


Automated analysis features within Hunch.ly employ AI to highlight relevant data and trends, simplifying complex analysis.

Open Semantic Search - Oracle Virtual Box - OVA Setup - Tracelabs:

AI algorithms for semantic analysis and optimization of virtual machine settings enhance intelligence gathering and analysis.

Darknet Sites of Interest:

Explore AI tools that scrape and analyze darknet data for threat intelligence, uncovering hidden threats.

Social Media - Off the Beaten Path:

AI is employed to find and analyze data from less common social media platforms, widening the scope of your analysis.

Burn Phone Setup and Use (US Only):

AI Integration: Enhance your understanding of intelligence lifecycle production methods with AI automation at various stages, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Structured Analytic Techniques:

AI validates or generates alternative hypotheses based on available data, enhancing your analytical capabilities.

Adversary Denial and Deception:

Use AI to model adversary denial and deception techniques, allowing for more effective counterstrategies.

Source Credibility and Relevance:

Implement automated credibility and relevance scoring through machine learning algorithms, ensuring the accuracy of your analysis.

Confidence Levels:

AI calculates confidence levels based on various data inputs and historical reliability metrics, enhancing the quality of your assessments.

Analytic Writing, BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front), AIMS (Audience, Intent, Message, Structure):

AI-based grammar and style checkers refine and improve your analytical writing, making your reports more effective.

Forecasting in Your Writing:

AI-driven estimative analytics tools enhance forecasting accuracy in analytic reports, improving strategic decision-making.

Threat Hunting with TaHiTI & MaGMa:

Integrate AI to automatically identify patterns, anomalies, and potential threats during threat-hunting, making your security measures more proactive.

By enhancing the course with AI at multiple touchpoints, students gain practical experience utilizing AI for intelligence work, thereby becoming more effective and efficient professionals in the field.

Course Benefits:

  • Use of recognized language across the intelligence community.
  • Understanding what intelligence is and isn't.
  • Skill in using multiple analytic tools, methods, and techniques.
  • Develop expertise in AI-assisted analysis techniques, such as automated data scraping, sentiment analysis, and predictive modeling.
  • Knowledge of how to evaluate and synthesize data.
  • Learn to apply machine learning algorithms for data evaluation and pattern recognition.
  • Ability to recognize and mitigate cognitive biases.
  • Use AI-powered tools to identify.

Are you ready to transform your career and become a cyber intelligence powerhouse? Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to gain an edge in modern cyber intelligence analysis. With the AI-Enhanced Training Program, you won't just keep up with the rapidly evolving digital landscape – you'll lead the way!

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