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  • AI-Infused Certified Cyber CounterIntelligence Analyst - Dallas, Texas Jul 15-19
AI-Infused Certified Cyber CounterIntelligence Analyst - Dallas, Texas Jul 15-19 AI-Infused Certified Cyber CounterIntelligence Analyst - Dallas, Texas Jul 15-19

AI-Infused Certified Cyber CounterIntelligence Analyst - Dallas, Texas Jul 15-19

Cyber CounterIntelligence Tradecraft


Minimum student counter is 8. This course presents the student with foundational concepts and processes in the discipline of cyber counterintelligence with a focus on cyber counterintel missions, defensive and offensive counterintel, and counterespionage applied to traditional tradecraft, and their evolution into the cyber domain. The course includes a vastly different approach to counterintel using models used online in misinformation, influence operations, and disinformation.

Explore the Cutting Edge of Cyber Counterintelligence with Treadstone 71

Dig into modern cyber warfare, influence operations, and counterintelligence with our comprehensive course. Our training program covers, but is not limited to:

The course includes AI through the training enhancing cyber HUMINT with AI generated collection, analysis, disinformation, influence operations, and counterintelligence methods and models

  • Enhanced Cyber Warfare Strategies: Learn about cyber warfare techniques, enabling learners to understand and implement advanced cyber operations. The module focuses on mastering cyber warfare through dynamic content adjustment based on educational data.
  • Real-Time Cyber Attack Simulations: Offering hands-on experience with AI-simulated cyber-attacks, influence operations, and disinformation campaigns. Participants engage in scenarios reflecting current events to develop practical mitigation skills.
  • AI-Powered Data Analysis Tools: Teaching the use of AI for rapid analysis of complex datasets, identifying patterns, and anomalies. This module covers the automation of data analysis to allow for strategic decision-making in cybersecurity operations.
  • Dynamic social media and Cognitive Warfare Analysis: Utilizing passive data collection and AI for real-time sentiment analysis and trend prediction on social media, crucial for understanding destabilization tactics and counterintelligence strategies. This includes studying the psychological impacts of cognitive warfare.
  • Counterintelligence and Disinformation Strategies: Apply standard counterintelligence techniques and methods combined with AI to detect disinformation, deep fakes, and manipulation tactics. Learners will develop skills in fact-checking and identifying media manipulation through automated  tools.
  • Enhanced Operational Security (OPSEC) with AI: Using machine learning algorithms to simulate cyber threats to operational security, providing a practical approach to protecting intelligence processes in a cyber environment.
  • AI-Driven Continuous Assessment and Feedback: Implementing advanced analytics for real-time student performance assessment, ensuring personalized learning progression and maximizing educational outcomes.
  • Comparative Analysis of Global Cyber Warfare Tactics: Examining U.S. and Russian approaches to cyber warfare, employing standard methods and AI-driven tools for a cross-comparison of tactics, including hybrid/asymmetric warfare and gray zone operations.
  • Mission-Based Counterintelligence: Using standard TTPs for counterintelligence combined with AI to prioritize counterintelligence missions based on evaluated threat levels, focusing on the automation of tracking and analysis for efficient operational planning.
  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Techniques: Exploring AI capabilities in web scraping and sentiment analysis to feed into social media and target exploitation, including cyber target acquisition and validation.
  • Psychological Operations and Persona Development: Using AI to simulate psychological and cognitive warfare scenarios, predicting responses based on social psychology theories. This module includes persona creation and manipulation feature analysis.
  • Cyber Defense and Passive Data Collection: Addressing AI's role in optimizing operational cybersecurity, defense strategies, and passive data collection techniques. Students learn to evaluate the effectiveness of various cyber personas and protect intelligence processes in a cyber-dominated landscape.

Using ChatGPT for Cyber Counterintelligence Analysis

Module Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of ChatGPT's application in cyber counterintelligence.
  • Develop techniques for utilizing ChatGPT in identifying and countering cyber threats, disinformation, and espionage.
  • Learn to integrate ChatGPT with cyber counterintelligence tools and methodologies for enhanced analysis and operational security.

Module Components:

  • Introduction to Cyber Counterintelligence and ChatGPT
  • Configuring ChatGPT for Counterintelligence Tasks
  • Disinformation Detection and Analysis with ChatGPT
  • Enhancing Cyber HUMINT Operations with ChatGPT
  • Operational Security (OPSEC) and Threat Modeling
  • Social Media Analysis and Cognitive Warfare
  • Counterintelligence Campaign Planning with ChatGPT
  • AI-Powered Tools and Techniques for Counterintelligence
  • Real-Time Simulations and Scenario-Based Training

Skills Developed:

  • Proficiency in leveraging ChatGPT for cyber counterintelligence analysis.
  • Ability to conduct disinformation analysis and cyber threat identification with AI assistance.
  • Expertise in integrating ChatGPT with counterintelligence operations for enhanced decision-making.

By focusing on the integration of ChatGPT into cyber counterintelligence operations, this module prepares professionals to effectively counteract sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological advancements in cybersecurity and intelligence.

This curriculum is designed to arm students with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of the cyber intelligence and counterintelligence fields, enhancing critical thinking and providing the tools needed to effectively counter advanced cyber threats and influence operations.

Treadstone 71 maintains confidentiality and separation from clients as required, preserving the integrity of methods and processes. Join us and equip yourself with the insights and tools to navigate the ever-evolving cyber intelligence world.

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