Strategic Intelligence Analysis
Warning Intelligence

The Strategic Intelligence Analysis Warning Intelligence  course follows the iterative processes of the intelligence lifecycle while covering non-inclusively:

Data, Information, Knowledge and Intelligence   The Role of Warning Intelligence
Knowledge Generation   Key Warning Factors in Preparations
Explicitly versus Tacit Knowledge   What Is Warning?
Principles of Knowledge Management   Indicator Lists: Compiling Indications
Monitoring your Business Environment   Fundamentals of Indications Analysis
Analysis Projects   Use of Indicator Lists
Analysis Cycle   Extracting Indications Data
Briefing   Indications Chronology
Collection Planning   Specifics of the Analytical Method
Collecting from Unsuspecting Sources   How Might they Go to Cyber War?
Collection from Public Domain    Cyber Order of Battle Methods
Collection from Images   Analysis of Cyber Mobilization
Collection from Things   Recognition of Cyber Buildup
Collection Outsourcing   Preparation for Cyber Warfare
Analysis   Preoccupation of Leadership / Stakeholders
Introduction   Cyber Readiness
Attributes of strategic analysis   Magnitude and Redundancy of Preparations
Collector - Analyst Relationship   Cyber Wargaming
Collector-Analyst Differences   What is a Cyber Wargame
Corporate Alignment   Why run a Cyber Wargame
Organizing a Strategic Analysis Function   Principal Factors in Timing and Surprise
Organizing a solid team   Examples of Assessing Timing
Towards a world-class strategic analysis org   Warning is Not a Forecast of Imminence
Profile of an analyst   The Problem of Deception                                 

Lecture, Hands-on, Apprenticeship, in class exercises, student presentations, analytic products, templates, course material—40 CPEs. Books provided by Treadstone 71 with some required read-ahead activities.

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