Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst
Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft

The Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft course follows the iterative processes of the intelligence lifecycle while covering non-inclusively:

Anonymity and Passive Persona setup
Collection Methods and Techniques
Collection Planning, IRs/PIRs/EEIs/Indicators/SIRs
Collection Process Flow
Collection (OSINT) Tools and Targeting
Threat Intelligence
Most likely Threat Actors
Access to ThreatStream during the class
Use of Maltego – overview
OPSEC – VPNs, Buscador, Authentic8 Silo
OSINT Browser – Oryon C Portable
Proxy Access – the DarkNet
Demonstration – Recorded Future / Intel471
Burn phone setup and use (US Only)
Open Source Intelligence OSINT
Production Methods
Structured Analytic Techniques – Their use
Adversary Denial and Deception
Source Credibility and Relevance
Source Validation
Denial and Deception
Confidence Levels
Types of evidence
Production Management
Critical and Creative Thinking
Cognitive Bias
Glossary and Taxonomy
What Intelligence Can and Cannot Do
Use of Mitre ATT&CK in Analysis
ATT&CK in examining patterns and trends
ATT&CK in Adversary tendencies
Estimation and Forecasting
Campaign analysis
Types and Methods of Analysis
Synthesis and Fusion
Analysis of Competing Hypothesis
Inductive/Abductive/Deductive Reasoning
Stakeholder Identification, and Analysis
Analytic Writing, BLUF, AIMS
Forecasting in your writing
Indicators of Change
Argument Mapping
Types of Reports
Product Line Mapping
Report Serialization, and Dissemination
Live Case Studies – Class briefs

Lecture, Hands-on, Apprenticeship, in class exercises, student presentations, analytic products, templates, course material—40 CPEs. This course follows the International Association for Intelligence Education Standards for Intelligence Analyst Initial Training.

  1. Introduction to Intelligence
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Analytic Writing
  4. Creative Thinking
  5. Analytic Briefing
  6. Structured Analytic Techniques.
  7. Analytic Issues
  8. Argument Mapping
  9. Case Studies

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