Conscientia - The Cyber and Threat Intelligence Lifecycle Solution

Conscientia enables conscientia screenshot
teams to organize their cyber threat intelligence program, publish their strategic plans, build stakeholder models, establish collection plans, rate and verify data and sources, use structured techniques, and prepare for analytic writing peer reviews.

Conscientia drives continuous feedback loops throughout the lifecycle engaging users to follow structured methods of collection, data organization, production, analysis, and management. Conscientia  captures stakeholder needs including intelligence requirements, prioritization, collection planning, and tracking while focusing on evidence-based intelligence analysis. The solution enables organizations to track how they got from A to B in the lifecycle, what worked and what did not while incorporating iterative methods of analysis.

“No longer will cyber threat intelligence teams have to kludge together methods of managing the cyber threat intelligence lifecycle,” said Jeff Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer for Treadstone 71. “The ability to have continuous access to priority intelligence requirements, open-source intelligence actions in various stages of collection, the development of new hypotheses based on usable data, directly input to structured analytic techniques as some of the final steps before analytic writing and review are huge.”

Combined with CyberIntellipedia, Conscientia delivers a full-scope solution to cyber and threat intelligence teams.

  • The module integrates and manages cyber threat intelligence lifecycle functions in a contextually focused environment that helps author intelligence advisors, situation reports, and forecasts.
  • The ability to manage and track historical trends of adversaries and their campaigns with full data transparency, from your own perspective and not that of generic data feeds, minimizes cycle time while reducing overhead and operational risk.
  • The cyber intelligence lifecycle module enables collectors and analysts to work together on company-specific intelligence requirements, giving collection management the ability for continuous oversight supporting relevancy and rapidly redirect collection targets as needed.
  • We see this as speeding the decision making on threats helping to estimate possible next steps.
  • Conscientia is easy to use and follows Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Training Courses.

“We plan to start offering the solution in August with a full rollout by mid-October,” continued Bardin. “Our training solutions enable this module providing organizations with the intelligence community skills necessary to more than adequately manage collection operations, analysis, and analytic writing. The need for this in the market is great.”

  • Data verification is a hidden calculation in data and threat intelligence feeds. Bayesian algorithms aid in the process, but human interaction is still a core capability that most organizations do not have.
  • Skills in this area are lacking.
  • The combination of Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Training Courses and education with the cyber intelligence lifecycle solution enables historical pattern and trend analysis while creating clear pictures of adversary tendencies.

lifecycleII"For a long time, we described threat intelligence as the core solution for cyber threat intelligence teams. What is missing are the core functions of intelligence that goes well beyond indicators of compromise and technical details, collected after a breach occurs,” added Bardin. “We know that intelligence is for warning and prevention. We know that intelligence forecasting and estimates are the keys to prevention. Something that is missing in organizations today. We are shifting the paradigm to mature intelligence programs assisting in your digital transformation the reduces risk and that is via Conscientia.”

Conscientia is not meant to replace threat intelligence platforms but to provide an integrated series of modules that manage your intelligence program. Conscientia follows the intelligence lifecycle taken directly from the standards-based Cyber Intelligence Training delivered by Treadstone 71. We intend to enable the integration of strategic intelligence plans, policies, procedures, process flows, questionnaires, diagrams, presentations, reports, and briefs to managing the cyber threat intelligence lifecycle.

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