Cyber Intelligence Training Center

The Cyber Intelligence Training Center introduces a highly sought-after online course lineup, providing a comprehensive solution for proactive cyber intelligence and counterintelligence. Traditional reactive measures no longer suffice. Our offerings equip your organization with the advanced skills and knowledge to stay ahead, featuring a broad range of free and AI-infused courses, including Cyber in the Supply Chain, Global Resiliency Framework, Satellite Security, and innovative Threat-hunting techniques.

The course lineup ensures mastery in differentiating key data types, securing online anonymity, assessing and remediating attack surfaces, understanding disinformation, cognitive warfare, influence operations, and hands-on implementation of cyber intelligence programs. With a strong emphasis on skill development and process enhancement, we support leadership in intelligence, provide essential education and training, promote technological adaptability, and foster professional growth.

Our value proposition extends beyond simple training to encompass a full-spectrum strategy to bolster your organization's cyber defense and decision-making capabilities. By choosing our Cyber Intelligence Training and Services, you gain access to the resources, skills, and expertise necessary to excel in today's complex security environment. Opt for our Intelligence Tradecraft Subscription for an opportunity to build skills and mature your cyber defense at an unparalleled value. Engage with us to react to cyber threats and anticipate and preempt them, securing your organization's future.

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Free Courses

Cyber Intelligence

Building a Cyber Intelligence Program

Cyber CounterIntelligence – Cyber/Cognitive Warfare - Disinformation

Cyber Personas – OPSEC – Personality Recognition

Adversary Intelligence

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