Edalat-e Ali - Repression in Response to Mahsa Amini's Death

In the aftermath of Mahsa Amini's death on September 16, 2022, Iranian authorities, including security forces, launched a comprehensive campaign to hide the morality police's involvement. Amini's demise in Tehran, arising from severe injuries post-arrest for her hijab's deemed inadequacy, set this sequence of events into motion. Edalat-e Ali, a hacktivist group, exposed these efforts through documents it provided to Iran International, detailing how the authorities pressured Amini's family into endorsing the claim that her death was due to a pre-existing medical condition.

To complement its on-the-ground suppression and narrative control tactics following Mahsa Amini's death, the Iranian government executed a series of cyber and digital measures intended to stifle dissent, control the spread of information, and disrupt the organization of protests.

Iran implemented widespread internet shutdowns and significantly reduced internet speeds across the country, particularly in areas of active protest. Regime actions intended to disrupt the organization of protests and limit the dissemination of information about state violence against protestors.

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