Drug Cartels, Militias, and Criminal Networks

The brief titled "Drug Cartels, Militias, and Criminal Networks in Modern Hybrid Warfare Operations," designed for specialists with experience in special operations in hot climate countries, delves into the intricate relationship between organized crime and modern hybrid warfare, particularly in Latin and South America. This region, known for its complex socio-political landscape and history of internal conflicts, provides a fertile ground for studying the intersection of criminal networks and state-level conflicts.

Organized crime in Latin and South America, primarily drug cartels and militias, has evolved beyond traditional criminal activities. These entities now use hybrid warfare tactics, blending conventional, irregular, and cyber warfare to influence political, social, and economic structures. This evolution has transformed them into significant non-state actors in regional conflicts.

Organized crime entities, particularly drug cartels and militias in Latin and South America, have undergone significant evolution in their operational tactics and influence. This expansion and evolution have occurred over the past few decades, mainly in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Central America.

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