Russian Election Interference Strategies for 2024

The report examines Russia's potential interference strategies in the 2024 US elections, drawing on historical patterns, technological advancements, and collaboration with various actors. The report assesses Russia's past actions to influence elections, including cyberattacks, disinformation campaigns, propaganda, and other tactics. It also explores Russia's measures to counter foreign intervention in its 2018 presidential elections, as detailed by the Russian Commission. These findings shed light on ten primary types of external intervention experienced by Russia, ranging from unauthorized sociological research to systematic propaganda and cyber-attacks. In response, Russia has taken several steps to enhance its electoral sovereignty, such as establishing legislative frameworks and increasing parliamentary capacity to prevent external interference.

The report estimates thirty specific tactics Russia will likely employ in the upcoming US elections. These include unauthorized sociological research, public endorsement of candidates, extensive propaganda efforts, cyber-attacks, funding civil activists, questioning election legitimacy, defamation campaigns, and exploiting societal divisions. Additionally, the report anticipates Russia's use of sophisticated methods like deepfake technology, phishing attacks, covert influence on media, and psychological operations. The analysis underscores the importance of continued vigilance and proactive countermeasures by stakeholders, including government agencies, tech companies, and civil society organizations. International cooperation and information sharing emerge as crucial strategies to safeguard the integrity of democratic elections against such multifaceted foreign interference. This comprehensive overview aims to prepare and inform relevant parties to effectively mitigate the risks of external influence in the 2024 US elections.

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