Iranian Manipulation of Twitter - X

Iranian Navigation of the Complex Terrain of Twitter ( X ) —An Iranian Guide to Twitter Manipulation While Executing Influence Operations

X has evolved from a simple micro-blogging platform into a complex arena where ideologies, politics, and social norms clash daily. While it offers an unparalleled opportunity for direct engagement with a global audience, X is far from neutral territory. It is a battleground with its rules and regulations, making it imperative for users, especially those involved in influence operations or pushing a particular ideological agenda, to understand these guidelines intimately.

Whether due to religious, political, or revolutionary motives, using X as a tool for influence or propaganda has risks. The risk is especially true when the objective extends beyond mere communication to more calculated activities, such as influence operations or ideological dissemination. Content created without awareness of X's policies can attract unwanted scrutiny or lead to account suspensions, undermining the entire operation.

This article aims to equip Iranian Basiji and other operators with the knowledge the regime believes they need to understand X's rules and content limitations. By doing so, they maintain a low profile while effectively conducting influence operations, ensuring their activities align with the platform's guidelines and avoid triggering any red flags. With concrete examples, the Iranian regime author explores how to create content that remains under the radar, offering the best chance to succeed in IRGC and MOIS objectives without compromising X account security.

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