Decoding Iran’s Identity and Global Strategies

The paper investigates Iran's national identity, examining its historical, cultural, and geopolitical aspects. It explores Iran's values, aspirations, uniqueness, and challenges, highlighting the impact of the Islamic Revolution and Iran's historical role as a major empire. The analysis reveals how Iran's Shia majority, Persian heritage, and strategic position contribute to its unique identity. It also examines Iran's challenges, including historical adversaries, Western intervention, and economic sanctions. The paper further explores public perception in Iran, shaped by nationalistic and religious narratives amidst diverse opinions. This comprehensive analysis offers insights into Iran's complex identity, geopolitical strategies, and perception of the international order.

As stated, the paper analyzes Iran's national identity, exploring its historical evolution, cultural aspects, and geopolitical strategies. We examine Iran's emergence as a nation and state, considering the influence of historical events, cultural heritage, and geopolitical dynamics. We investigate Iran's values, aspirations, and challenges, offering insights into its unique position in the global landscape. The analysis also covers Iran's relationship with the international order, strategic approaches, and public perception.

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