Chinese Election Interference in Taiwan

The report covers the division of labor between official media outlets tasked with disseminating positive propaganda and non-official sources, which adopt a more aggressive tone. The strategic alignment of messaging serves as a testament to the CCP's global aspirations in shaping a favorable information environment.

We look at the CCP-driven disinformation campaigns, focusing on Taiwan and the United States. The campaigns are designed to erode trust and propagate China's unification narrative. The report discloses the nature of China's information warfare, characterized by the adept use of positive and negative messaging strategies. The strategies are used to influence public opinion, both domestically within Taiwan and on an international scale.

The report shows the pattern of Chinese interference in Taiwanese elections. The interference goes beyond conventional boundaries of political influence, posing a direct challenge to the integrity of the electoral process. The analysis draws from authoritative sources and reporting, providing invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of Chinese electoral interference in Taiwan. These findings underscore the pressing need for heightened vigilance and robust countermeasures to safeguard the democratic principles that underpin Taiwanese elections.

Part 1 can be found here

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