Intelligence Tradecraft and Cognitive Warfare

Cognitive Warfare Analysis and Training


The Cognitive Warfare Analysis and Training service provides comprehensive insights into state and non-state actors' cognitive warfare techniques. Our service equips clients with the knowledge and skills to identify and counter cognitive warfare, ensuring robust defense mechanisms against psychological and information-based threats.

Cognitive Warfare Analysis

Our experts analyze cognitive warfare techniques adversaries use, focusing on how they manipulate information, influence public perception, and exploit cognitive biases. The Treadstone 71 analysis thoroughly examines adversarial strategies, tactics, and tools, offering clients a clear understanding of the methods used to conduct cognitive warfare.

Training Programs

We offer specialized training programs to help clients identify and counter cognitive warfare. These programs cover various aspects of cognitive warfare, including recognizing manipulation techniques, understanding the psychology behind information warfare, and developing effective counter-strategies. The training ensures that clients' teams are well-prepared to detect and respond to cognitive threats.

Workshops and Scenario-Based Training

Our service includes interactive workshops and scenario-based training sessions tailored for corporate teams. The workshops provide hands-on experience dealing with cognitive warfare scenarios, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. Scenario-based training enhances the ability of corporate teams to anticipate and counter cognitive warfare tactics in real-time.


Clients receive detailed reports on cognitive warfare techniques, training materials, and access to interactive workshops. Reports include actionable insights and recommendations for countering cognitive warfare. Training materials encompass comprehensive guides, practical exercises, and scenario-based simulations designed for corporate teams. Workshops provide hands-on experience and real-time application of cognitive warfare counter-strategies.


The Cognitive Warfare Analysis and Training service empowers clients to effectively understand and counter cognitive warfare. We prepare corporate teams with the necessary skills and knowledge, and clients enhance their ability to defend against psychological and information-based threats, ensuring a more secure operational environment.

Our Cognitive Warfare Analysis and Training service provides unparalleled insights into cognitive warfare techniques, offering actionable intelligence and strategic recommendations. We empower clients to enhance security measures and effectively counter cognitive threats by delivering comprehensive training and interactive workshops.

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