Tradecraft Reference Guides

Treadstone 71 intelligence tradecraft education tools, the Reference Guide. Each laminated reference guide offers comprehensive and detailed tradecraft information. Easy to read with glossaries, diagrams, and process flows using color and illustrations. Our premium stock paper ensures long-lasting and sturdy reference guides. Our guides cover:
• Analytic Writing
• Cognitive Warfare Parts I and II
• Cyber Intelligence Lifecycle Parts I and II
• Disinformation Plus
• Stakeholder Analysis and Intelligence Requirements
• Strategic Analysis with STEMPLES Plus
• Structured Analytic Techniques
• Threat Hunting
• What is Cyber Intelligence
With others in the works that will include Cyber Counterintelligence, Color Revolutions, information Operations/Hybrid Warfare, and Chinese, Iranian, and Russian Influence Operations methods and examples. Built in lamination on 8 ½ inch by 11-inch 6 z-fold page format. Details taken directly from Treadstone 71 Training Courses. Free w/paid training course.

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