The Treadstone 71 Cyber CounterIntel course was eye-opening

The course covered a multitude of concepts and methods directly tied to use of tools and hands-on exercises. Super class that establishes Treadstone 71 as a thought leader in intelligence far above any other such company. I recommend this to cyber intelligence professionals in both the commercial and government spaces. Do no hesitate!”

A few points for those that may consider this class:

  1. It assumes a good knowledge of how all the internet search engines work and shows you how to use more capable versions of Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  2. You will get a ton of information (at both the entry level and above) on how to plan, collect, analyze, organize, and deliver Intel.
  3. Treadstone 71 provides you with a ton of resources (some of them loaded up on a nifty Amazon Fire tablet that you get to keep) that you can take with you if this is going to be your business. This includes tools to recognize and combat cognitive bias.
  4. Intel is hard and open source is even harder--there are not many black/white answers. The three case studies were good in that they showed all the layers of information a good analyst can peel back.
  5. We also got experience with the time crunch associated with flash reporting.

As a non-intel type, I thought the class was very useful since it helps me understand the customer better. I would certainly recommend it to people working in this arena and for anyone who wants to stretch their mind a bit.


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